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So far we have done a lot of talking about the different types of work GEI Utility Construction is able to perform. There’s been a lot of discussion on the different types of equipment heavy machinery and tools that a utility contractor Tulsa uses. There has been talk of Gable’s Exc. Inc. ratings advantage in the Tulsa and greater Oklahoma marketplace. But we haven’t talked in very great depth about the various types and sizes Of customers that GEI a sis on a daily basis. This article we will discuss the various types of clients that Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI helps on projects both large and small alike. There are many utility Tulsa who focus solely on smaller customers such as homebuilders and one-man shops. There are several utility contractor who focus on middle sized businesses such as smaller 10 to 20 person contractors. And there are contractors in the utility contractor Tulsa market who focused primarily on large companies and utility service providers. At GEI we are able to focus not simply on one particular demographic or size of customer or one specific range of jobs dollar value.

Gables excavating a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma provides utility Tulsa services to companies both large and small alike. Just this week for instance we have been on projects for multi state multi million dollar companies and projects that easily exceed several hundred million dollars in value and we have also worked for a one man plumbing company helping to dig a sewer tap. This flexibility leads to more stability for Gable’s Exc. Inc. in the utility contractor Tulsa space which helps in a retaining quality employees. Where the larger companies that focus solely on multi state or even multinational clients and super projects are reliant on a enormous job to be working to have their people kept busy, Gables excavating Inc. chases projects of all sizes that fit in to our overall business practices. This means that we are not relocating our people across the state and across the country and are able to keep employees local for the most part to their home area. While Gable’s Exc. Inc. and Utility Tulsa Oklahoma does work for these types of customers It is our goal to keep our customer base broad so that a turd in the market doesn’t have a overly detrimental effect to our company. Just this week Gable’s excavating Inc. a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma was awarded the largest job in his bed in well over 10 years. This is a project worth over 2 1/2 million dollars. While this is a huge accomplishment and some thing that we are very excited about we still will be focusing on our local clients and customers to ensure a continued base of work in our home area. Gable’s Exc. Inc. also works quite a bit and maybe the majority of our work for mid range companies size from 20 to 50 employees. Although GEI will travel to a job site our primary work area is centered in the Tulsa Oklahoma metro area. Those clients include but are certainly not limited to Oil Capital Electric Alliance Electric Lighthouse Electric Shoemaker Mechanical Oil Capital Mechanical York Plumbing Lighthouse Electric integrated controls of Oklahoma and the list goes on and on.

The downside to most small businesses who are employing subcontractors for their excavation horizontal drilling or aerial utility construction needs is that these contractors are typically not insured to the extent that they should be. Since Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility construction a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma works on mega sites for multi state multinational customers as well as Electric co-op’s and utility service providers Our insurance work comp benefits package and safety and health policies are kept to extreme standards. Are you 100% confident that if your excavator was to have an accident on your construction site that there would be no liability? Are you 100% confident that if one of their employees were to be hurt there would be no Repercussions to you or your company? This is one area where most small businesses are typically under insured and a contractor can be put in potential legal turmoil should an accident arise. Another advantage of working with Gable’s Exc. Inc. Utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma is there a robust safety and health policy strict safety standards cell phone drug and alcohol policy’s and so on and so forth. Are you sure that the sub contractor You are using is not under the influence of some sort of alcohol or drug? If the general contractor you’re working for asks your subcontractor for his GHS book will you have it? Will he know what it is? Safety has become a huge topic in the construction industry and Gable‘s excavating Inc. or GEI as we Collett today has a extremely thorough and robust safety program to ensure you and your job site are covered should there ever be an accident.

Continuing along the lines of the various customers clients and job sites that GEI Utility construction a utility Tulsa Oklahoma regularly works Next we will talk about the different types of services that Gable’s Exc. Inc. can provide to these various types of clients. Just yesterday our company was Excavating a 24 inch deep by 12 inch wide by 300 foot long excavation for a one-man plumbing company for a water service line that was 1 inch in diameter. At the same time our horizontal directional drill crew was installing a 400‘ x 24“ diameter HDPE water main for the city of Bixby in sugar sand. Also at the same time and underground excavation crew was excavating 8 foot deep by 4 foot wide by several hundred feet long to install a concrete encased duct bank which included 16 four-inch and 12 6 inch PVC conduit‘s. This gives you an idea of the range of work scopes that GEI or utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma is able to provide for its customers. All of these jobs mentioned above and the rest of the work that was taking place yesterday we’re all done with the same safety expectations safety standards the same late model, reliable equipment and The same highly skilled operators and managers.
If you are looking for a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma that is capable of being your go to excavation horizontal directional drilling or aerial utility construction subcontractor, please reach out today to Gables exit bathing Inc. or GEI Utility Construction to see what we can do to make your life easier. GEI from the very first client interaction all the way through completion is focused on the total customer care. This means that we obviously Will do a great job in the execution of the work, but building on that we will be responsive to your calls and questions, we will return our estimates when promised, we will start the jobs on time, we will finish the jobs and your schedule, and we will complete the work on budget. Everyone has had to deal with an unreliable subcontractor and we know that that can make a contractors or clients life hell. We believe that we do offer an exceptional service but where we really set ourselves apart is in the overall customer service and client satisfaction that we are able to divide by being a turnkey solution to our clients utility construction needs. Reach out today to GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa has come to know and trust with a track record of over 35 years in the Tulsa metro and greater Oklahoma area. As always we promise to beat our competitions price by at least 15% and to return a free no hassle no obligation estimate within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you in the future.