Utility Contractor Tulsa | Spotting an Unreliable Utility Contractor – Pt. 2
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

Did they show up to your job site and professional looking uniforms and have all the proper personal protective equipment necessary for your project? These are all signs of how to differentiate between a quality utility contractor and an unreliable utility contractor Tulsa. As I mentioned once I show up to the job site it is often too late however if you have found yourself frustrated with your utility contractor please do not Hesitate to give GEI Utility Construction a call today to see why we are the utility contractor Tulsa chooses on a constant and continuous basis for their projects both large and small and like for Utility construction services.

The horror stories that we have heard from customers leaving other companies and going with the utility contractor Tulsa has relied on for nearly 40 years for their utility construction needs are both numerous and horrendous. Stories from accidents and injuries happening that could’ve been easily avoided to utility contractors showing up on the job site with no personal protective equipment to utilities being damaged and the utility contractor loading up and leaving the job site before anyone can show up, and simply dragging up and walking off of a job site when things get difficult. These are all more common than you might think in the utility contractor Tulsa market. GEI utility construction is the utility contractor Tulsa knows can provide reliable repeatable utility construction services on a consistent basis. Our proven track record of nearly 40 years indicates to our customers that we have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently Complete their utility construction project and a reliable and trustworthy manner. The company does not survive for nearly 40 years without delivering exceptional customer service and terrific execution of its work. GEI Utility construction was founded by my grandfather Roy gable in 1980 to provide a more reliable and better life for his family of eight. The company is now in its third generation of Gable leader ship and continues to thrive build on the reputation of being the utility contractor Tulsa chooses. If you or someone you know is looking for a quality utility contractor or perhaps you or someone you know is tired of dealing with a unreliable utility contractor Tulsa knows GEI Utility Construction is the utility contractor to call for all projects both large and small like. As always we guaranteed to beat our competitions price by at least 15% and to return a free no obligation quote within 24 business hours as promised every time. Give GEI Utility Construction a call today to experience the gable difference for yourself. Thank you for visiting our website we look forward to working together in the future.

Utility Contractor Tulsa | Utility Construction Safety Equipment -Pt. 1
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

In today’s article we are going to discuss the various types of safety equipment that should be used by your utility contractor. These items are vital in the safety of employees and customers visiting the job site, and are the most critical part of a safety program. GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa relies on and has relied on for nearly 40 years upholds the strictest of safety standards setting yourself apart from the competition and placing it’s employees lives and livelihood as the number one top priority of their business. This commitment to safety is evident from the first interaction a customer has with GEI Utility construction all the way through completion of the project. In this article we will discuss in further detail the strict adherence that GEI Utility Construction Utility contractor Tulsa adheres to on a daily basis in regards to its employees working in the field.

The first and most commonly thought of piece of safety gear also known as PPE or personal protective equipment is the hardhat. The hardhat is the first line of defense for a persons most vital and easily susceptible to injury area, the head. The hardhat protects not only utility contractor Tulsa employees but also personnel around the globe from Trumatic brain injury on the more severe side and minor lacerations, bumps or bruises on the less servers end of the spectrum. Personal protective equipment or PPE is utilized when all hazards cannot be successfully eliminated from a potential work zone or worksite or task. As mentioned PPE is the employees first line of defense to protect his or herself against injury. If you are utility contractor Tulsa is not requiring his or her employees to wear hardhats 100% of the time they are putting your job site at risk of OSHA investigations, injury potential, and even death. There are several easily searchable examples of how hardhats save lives by only doing a quick Internet search of hardhat test videos. One that comes immediately to mind and one that we have replicated in our office during our weekly safety meetings which are conducted every Monday morning is the following. A hardhat is set on top of a watermelon and a 20 foot long piece of 1 inch in diameter PVC pipe is held vertically approximately 2 feet above The hardhat. A employee stands in a type of elevated work platform at the top of the PVC pipe and drops a 1 foot in links by three-quarter inch in diameter or number six rebar through the pipe falling 20 feet to hit the hardhat.