Utility Contractor Tulsa | Types of Excavation Equipment – Pt. 2
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This type of trencher can effectively trench through sand stone but is relatively in effective and much harder rock formations such as lime stone. If a rock teeth chain was used to trench and dirt it would be a very slow process as these teeth are made to break and cut the Rockaway rather than scoop the dirt from the ground. For trenching and lime stone other trenchers can be utilized that are much bigger and more well-equipped to do the job. These trenchers are usually situated on tracked machines so that they are much more stable and do not bounce as the chain tries to eat into the rock. Trenchers come in all shapes and sizes from small walk behind all the way up to trenchers that are capable of trenching several feet wide and 10 to 20 feet deep.

The next piece of equipment we will discuss is a piece of heavy equipment that has become very much a key part of Utility Construction’s equipment fleet. Utility contractor Tulsa knows that it is not always convenient to excavate between the two points. This is where a horizontal directional drill machine becomes a valuable piece of equipment to the utility contractor Tulsa. I horizontal drilling machine is capable of installing utilities from one point to another without actually Excavating or trenching the distance in between. The drill rig pushes a drill head through the ground in dirt conditions that has a paddle bit attached to the end of it when the drill string is Spohn in a clockwise direction and pushed it cuts a relatively straight line into the ground. When the drill head is turned to 3 o’clock the end pushed without spinning it turns to the right and vice versa to the left. The same process can be used for turning any direction imaginable up down left right diagonally etc. This process works great in ground conditions which are sand, Sandy loam, clay and other softer ground conditions. When rock is encountered this process does not work nearly as well. They process must be done which is known as carving where the operator pushes against the end of the borehole with the head position the 12 slowly rotates the boar head to 3 o’clock pulls back away from the boar hole turns back to 12 o’clock then pushes again to the end of the Borehole and repeat the process over and over slowly working a whole up and to the right or in a 130 direction. Another process used for directional drilling in rock conditions is the use of a mud motor or 18 motor. Gable’s Exc. Inc. contractor Tulsa uses the Ditch Witch 80. This system uses a separate motor that drives a bit That is specifically designed for cutting through rock. Using this process GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma is able to pour through solid rock formations at exponentially faster rate than traditional drill Equipment. Gable’s Exc. Inc. uses different types of bits on the end of this machine according to the rock formation. And some harder rock formations a tool that engages the rock is used known as a tungsten carbide try Cohen bit. This bitch is typically used in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. And other softer formations different types of bits can be used such as a mill to throw her cone or a PDC bit.

A utility contractor Tulsa that knows what type of equipment to use and when to use it can be invaluable to a contractor. Sure if a utility contractor knows the area and knows the ground conditions and estimates a project accordingly based on known rock formations the price may be higher than a inexperienced utility contractor Tulsa who bids your project anticipating dirt. However the difference in equipment and labor to do these simple seemingly similar jobs can be extraordinary. If your utility contractor Tulsa is not aware of the ground conditions and is not established and well-known with a long-standing track record there is a good possibility when the tough gets going your subcontractor will get gone. Ensure the successful completion of your utility construction project, reach out to Gable’s Exc. Inc. and the utility Tulsa has depended on for nearly 40 years to get the Job done right on time under budget and in a safe and effective manner. If you or perhaps someone you know or work with or a family member etc. may be looking for a qualified experienced utility contractor Tulsa with a proven track record of success and a near 40 years experience in the area, please reach out to GEI Utility Construction today to see what we can do to make your life easier. As always GEI Utility Construction Promises to be our competitions price by 15% and to return a free no hassle no obligation quote within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with you in the future.