Utility Contractor Tulsa | Spotting an Unreliable Utility Contractor – Pt. 1
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

Recently we are at GEI Utility Construction or Gable’s Exc. Inc. as we have been known for nearly 40 years have noticed that the utility Tulsa market has become crowded with start up companies that pop up here in there with the promise of better service I would lower price etc. Please do not be fooled by these imitators as they 100% of the time do not live up to the expectations and cannot deliver on the promises that they make. For professional reliable repeatable utility construction services of the highest quality Provided by a reputable utility contractor has relied on for well over 35 years The citizens of Tulsa, greater Oklahoma and surrounding states know that GEI utility construction is the number one most reliable and dependable safe utility contractor has to offer. Some of the main differences of a unreliable utility contractor Tulsa in comparison to a quality utility contractor Tulsa-based company will be discussed in this article so that potential customers whether ending up choosing to do business with GEI Utility is Truxion or not will have the Know how to spot a quality utility contractor in the crowded contractor Tulsa market.

The first and probably most obvious way to spot and unreliable utility contractor is by the level of professionalism displayed throughout all portions of the customer interaction. GEI Utility Construction focuses on the overall customer experience from the very first interaction all the way through completion. GEI Utility Construction or Gable’s Exc. Inc. as we have been known by for the past 35 years Has proven itself time after time to be the utility contractor can depend on to safely and repetitively complete utility construction projects of all shapes and sizes. GEI you took instruction regularly completes utility construction projects from the two to $400 range all the way up to several million dollar projects. I called her contractor Tulsa does not have to cost twice as much as one who is unreliable and unsafe in their work practices. This is something that may takes most customers and potential customers by surprise when dealing with a first class utility Tulsa in comparison to a one-man owner operator who they expect to be much cheaper. Before you decide on a utility contractor Tulsa please give GEI Utility a Construction a call to see the gable difference as always we guaranteed to beat any and all competitors price by at least 15% and to deliver a no hassle no obligation estimate within 24 hours. Part of our exceptional professionalism from our very first interaction begins with our online presence. GEI utility construction has amassed well over 100 Google reviews from current and past customers which stands as a very strong testament to the quality of work and the long-standing track record which GEI has been able to provide the utility contractor Tulsa marketplace. Is your utility contractor reputable online? Do they have even 10 Google reviews of previous customers proving that they have a successful track record? Do they have video testimonials from current and previous customers posted on their website for potential customers to see what others are saying about our company? The answer is no they will not and do not have these things for several reasons. The first reason is they probably have not been in business for long enough to gain such an online presence. Another reason is they do not have Reviews from satisfied customers could possibly be that they do not create many satisfied customers. As mentioned recently and the utility contractor market there have been several pop-up companies wishing to imitate what GEI you told her Construction is doing on a regular basis. These companies will not have Google reviews, they will not have video testimonials, and they will not have a positive and reputable online presence. This should be your first indication of a company who is serious about their business and a company That is flying by the seat of their pants and may or may not be around when things go bad. GEI Utility construction is the utility contractor Tulsa has relied on for nearly 40 years to deliver high-quality Utility construction services in the safest method as possible.

Moving along from the online presence is the first interaction with the utility contractor Tulsa. Where their receptionist courteous and professional on the phone? Did they return your call in a timely manner as promised? Did they return a quote back in the specified time given? Did the specified time that was quoted seem reasonable? GEI Utility is Truxion has taken the time to refine all of its business processes so that it can offer customers both large and small, old and new alike with the most streamlined process available in the Utility Construction Tulsa industry. This organization and level of attention to detail is evident from the very first interaction with GEI Utility construction. If Utility Tulsa cannot even be relied upon to return a quote or a call within the specified time how can you expect that company to deliver construction services that are of the quality demanded by today’s standards? The answer is you simply cannot.

The next way to spot a unreliable utility contractor Tulsa is probably a little too late to save yourself the extreme stress that they will surely cause you. Once the utility contractor shows up to your job site it should be very obvious whether or not they are a professional reliable company. Are there trucks and trailers roadworthy or do they look like antiques that are ready to break down at any moment? Is there equipment late-model low our reliable equipment that will not leave your job site falling behind schedule Due to breakdowns?