Utility Contractor Tulsa | What’s the Difference?
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

In today’s article we are going to discuss what makes a great utility contractor? What sets apart the average utility contractor Tulsa to an exceptional or above average utility contractor? What are the things to look for when selecting a utility Tulsa? What are some characteristics of an exceptional utility contractor compared to a low performing utility contractor? Most of the times these questions are not answered or are not answerable until a contractor customer has the unfortunate experience of dealing with a bad subcontractor. These subcontractors never meet on site at the time they plan to be there. They never return estimates and the time they promised them. They cannot start jobs on time nor do they finish jobs on schedule. These types of utility contractors drag job out and do not finish punch list items so that a job can be closed out. The list goes on and on. Hopefully by the end of this article you will know what things to look for and red flags when dealing with excavation and utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma.

The first main difference between an average or below average utility contractor and an exceptional utility contractor Tulsa is their professionalism. When speaking to the office personnel to set up an appointment, were they professional? Did their office seem to be organized? Or do you feel like you might just have been there first customer ever? A established and reputable utility contractor should have systems defined and in place so that every customer interaction is concise and reputable.

Moving onto the next step beyond the first interaction is the job meeting. Did the subcontractor meet on time in the location agreed upon? Or were they late or did not show up at all? A quality subcontractor sets meetings and keeps schedules and these very first interactions should be indicative of the performance you can expect to receive throughout the entire experience. Once the job has been looked at now the next step is estimating. Gables excavating utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma always guarantees to return no obligation hassle free quotes within 24 hours of receiving all of the information necessary. This means that you the customer will receive a quote from GEI utility construction without following up, without chasing down estimators, and without several attempts to contact your sales person. Moving beyond estimating once a job has been contracted what type of communication are you getting from your utility contractor? Does your utility contractor keep you in the loop of scheduling and the processes that are happening behind the scenes? Are you aware that material has been ordered or underground utility locates have been taken care of? These are all vital in the successful operation and completion of your job. Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa and the surrounding areas extending into all of greater Oklahoma and the surrounding states puts an extremely high priority on customer interaction and communication. This means that you the customer or client will know exactly what GEI Utility Construction is doing or plans to do throughout every step of the process.

Once the job begins, does your utility contractor show up to the job site on schedule? Or are there constant and continuous delays prolonging the completion of the job? Once a job is scheduled with GEI Utility construction a project manager reaches out to notify the customer of the anticipated start date. Due to the weather and other unforeseen situations, schedules must be changed occasionally. Every realistic customer understands this. The problem arises when there is no communication between the contractor and the contractor Tulsa. This is another reason the constant communication and updates set GEI utility construction apart from the competition. When a change in schedule must be made, the customer is always notified immediately. Whether the start date be one month away or one week away. Once a job begins in construction is taking place are your contractor Tulsa this employee is showing up to the job site in a timely manner? Are they professional? Are they wearing uniforms with the correct personal protective equipment? Is there equipment in good condition? Do they have the proper paperwork and insurance and Workmen’s Comp. etc. to even be allowed on the job site to begin with? These are all questions that should be addressed by your utility contractor Tulsa long before the utility contractor shows up to work. This should be something that your utility contractor has managed and is ready to go on site, ready to work on the day the job begins. Not something they scramble around to take care of when the work should have already begun.

A big part of that last couple of sentences was a utility contractor having reliable equipment. If your utility contractor does not have late-model dependable reliable well taken care of heavy equipment and vehicles they will at best be as dependable as the vehicles and equipment they use. GEI Utility Construction Utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma understands this and has made the continuous investment in the business purchasing at late-model low our dependable pieces of heavy equipment trucks trailers support equipment bucket trucks etc. to ensure the successful completion of each and everyone of his projects. Once the project has completed, is your utility contractor following up with a job walk to make sure that you the customer is satisfied with everything? Are they addressing any punchlist issues immediately to expedite the closing out of the job? Are they invoicing you in a reasonable amount of time? These are all factors to consider when selecting a utility Tulsa Oklahoma.

Hopefully this has helped to differentiate between a exceptional subcontractor and one who simply will not get the job done in A reasonable amount of time. If if you or someone you know is looking for an experienced utility contractor or perhaps you or someone you know is looking for an upgrade from their current utility contractor Tulsa, please do not hesitate to reach out to GEI Utility Construction today to see the gable difference and to see what GEI Utility Construction can do to help you. As always G.I. guarantees a no obligation estimate to be returned within 24 hours and promises to beat its competitors’ price by at least 15%. Give Gable’s Exc. Inc. a call today or visit our website at www.gei-usa.com to request more information or email info@gei-usa.com to see the Gables difference.