Utility Contractor Tulsa | Whats the Big Difference?
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

So whatÕs the difference between a quality utility contractor Tulsa and a utility contractor that you would do yourself a favor by staying away from? And this article will talk about the differences between GEI Utility construction and a subpar utility contractor. What makes us different what warning signs to look out for what to be aware of, what questions to ask and so on. GEI Utility construction has been serving the Tulsa area with quality reliable repeatable Utility construction services of the highest quality since 1980. Our company was founded by Roy Ruth Gable who moved from southern Oregon to Oklahoma to start a business in hopes to better support themselves and their six children. GEI Utility construction the contractor Tulsa has come to know and trust is just that quality utility contractor to contact when you need a Turn key utility construction solutions. From the first years GEI utility construction was in business through present day our company has been providing Tulsa with quality work reliable budgeting on time completion and the peace of mind of knowing your utility contractor Tulsa has what it takes to get the job done right and on time and under budget.

One of the first and most obvious morning signs to look for when looking for a utility contractor Tulsa is the companies state of the equipment and vehicles. If their equipment appears to be old and ran down their vehicles do not look roadworthy and the majority of their fleet looks like it is old enough to be antique, the chances are that Equipment is not going to be reliable. Reliable equipment can make the difference between a successful project and a project that goes longer than anticipated. Equipment vehicle trailer and fleet breakdowns are a huge productivity killer on the job site. If your subcontractor canÕt make it to the job site due to faulty trucks or trailers he or she almost certainly is not going to get the job done on time. At the very least that company will not be someone that you can rely on to consistently show up as promised at the time promised and deliver quality service. GableÕs Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility construction as we Collett today is the utility contractor with a proven track record of nearly 40 years. All of GEI Utility ConstructionÕs equipment is late-model lower our equipment that is always dependable and reliable. Moreover, for every piece of equipment that GableÕs Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility Construction puts into the field there is at least one back up piece of equipment ready should there be any issues. That means if we have three backhoes out Excavating on any given day we have one late-model lower our backhoe at our office ready to be mobilized should a problem occur. That being said the chances or likelihood of a problem arising is very low due to the preventative maintenance procedures and rotational schedule that GEI Utility Construction employees on its fleet of heavy equipment. The heavy equipment that GableÕs excavating or GEI Utility Construction owns and operates includes backhoes, mini excavators, trenchers, directional drill machineÕs, and numerous support and small equipment to aid in the construction process is that GEI Utility Construction carries out on a daily basis.

Also dealing with fleet reliability are the vehicles used to move equipment back-and-forth to the job site. If those vehicles are not running and are not dependable or maybe they are not roadworthy you are going to have a very hard time relying on your contractor Tulsa to show up on time as promised consistently. From breakdowns to blowouts to catastrophic failures to DOT stops, and unreliable fleet sooner or later is going to leave you and your job site delayed due to a utility contractor Tulsa not showing up on time in his schedule. Sooner or later your utility contractor Tulsa antique trailer is going to leave them stranded on the road side on the way to your project. The easiest and most obvious way to spot an unreliable or sub our utility contractor is by taking a good look at the state of their fleet and equipment.

Moving along from mechanical and operational issues dealing with fleet next will talk about overall preparedness of the fleet. Most people do not realize that every time a heavy truck gets on the roadway there should be a pre-trip inspection. This pre-trip inspection includes dozens if not hundreds of mechanical operational and safety checks that should be done every day before that vehicle hits the road. It is the responsibility of all class a CDL drivers and the companies which they work for to ensure pre-trip walkaround are happening on a regular daily basis to ensure the safe operation of their fleet. Pre-trip inspections if done properly and consistently would catch 99% of the issues that unreliable subcontractors and utility contractor experience on the way to your project. However because most of their fleet trucks trailers and equipment are antique they probably do not want to do pre-trip inspection because should I do a pre-trip inspection none of their fleet whatever be roadworthy.

Another key thing to look for that easily identified by taking a look at a utility Contractor Tulsa Fleet is the cleanliness of their trucks trailers drivers areas toolboxes trailers and equipment. If a utility contractor Tulsa cannot keep their own equipment that they own and depend on to make a living and to sustain their business clean organized and without clutter and debris how do you think they will keep your job site? Take a look inside their truck when they open the door those five Quik-trip bags and empty Gatorade bottles fall out on the ground or are they organized and clean? When they open the toolboxes on their trucks are, they organized do they actually have tools in them or are they just full of clutter and trash? Is there equipment clean or does it look like it has not seen a car wash since the bush administration? These are all things that you can look for as a customer to determine before your utility Tulsa even steps foot on to your job site what type of experience you will likely have.

If you or someone you know is tired of dealing with an on reliable utility contractor Tulsa or is looking for a reliable utility contractor, please have them reach out to GEI Utility Construction today. GEI Utility Construction has been doing business based in Tulsa extending out into greater Oklahoma and beyond into surrounding states for nearly 40 years. We have become the utility Tulsa can rely on for consistent repeatable Utility construction services. As always, we guarantee to be our competitions price by at least 15% and to return a no hassle no obligation quote within 24 hours. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and customer care and Customer service as well as responsiveness and communication with the customer. Thank you for considering GableÕs Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility construction as we call today for your utility contractor Tulsa needs. We truly appreciate the opportunity and look forward to doing business together!