Utility Contractor Tulsa | Supplementary Safety Equipment – Pt. 3
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

The next certificate which GEI utility construction requires for its utility contractor Tulsa business is excavation competent person certificates for any employee who is doing any excavating of any kind. The excavation competent person certificate lets our customers know that our operators are aware of the requirements for trench safety and have been fully educated on the various techniques to ensure a safe excavation. Excavation collapse can be deadly and in most cases is deadly when in employee becomes buried alive and in excavation. This is something that we take very seriously and recognize the risk And do everything we can to mitigate hazards when working in and around excavations.

If your utility Tulsa is not educating its employees from the ground level all the way up through top management of the safe practices required not only by OSHA but also buy all of the general contractors which you may find yourself working please reach out to GEI Utility Construction today to see the gable difference. GEI use the utility contractor Tulsa has relied on for well over 35 years has a reputation for Successful completion of utility construction projects of all shapes and sizes in a safe reliable and trustworthy manner. Are you ready to put yourself in the position to need help from others around you! Call us at 918-447-3350 to learn all about Gable’s Excavating!

Do not put your self or your employees or your job site at risk by using an irresponsible utility contractor Tulsa. As always GEI Utility construction guarantees to beat the price of its competitors by at least 15% and to deliver a no hassle no obligation quote within 24 hours. Most customers think that all of these things must come at a huge price tag. We can not wait to help you learn more about Gable’s Excavating to learn more about how we can help you learn all about us now! Call us or get more information on us by going to our website today to get more info!

That is just simply not the case due to the volume that GEI Utility Construction is able to handle we Are typically priced at or below the one man owner operators and smaller utility contractor Tulsa companies who will not provide near the same quality of service reliability and safety to your job site. The price difference for a quality utility contractor Tulsa is not what you think it will be and with our guarantee to be at our competitions price by 15% it is should be a no brainer to give GEI Utility Construction a call to experience the Gables difference for yourself.

Thank you for visiting our website and for considering GEI Utility construction for your utility contractor Tulsa needs. We look forward to working together with you in the future. You can always give us a call at Gable’s Excavating by calling 918-447-3350 for even more information on how Gable’s Excavating can help you in all of the situations you find yourself in today!