Utility Contractor Tulsa | Utility Construction Safety Equipment – Pt. 2
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction.

Before this is done the same experiment is conducted with no hardhat. The 1 foot long and approximately 5 pounds in weight piece of rebar Passes directly through the watermelon without even slowing down. The watermelon represents and employees cranium and has similar braking requirements and forces necessary to penetrate. As said the rebar passes easily and almost without slowing through the watermelon which simulates in employee or passerby‘s head. When the same experiment was conducted with a hardhat the damage is minimal if any at all. The rebar falls through the pipe accelerating at 9.8 m/s squared and eventually strikes the top of the hardhat causing a minor balance but it would be expected that the employee would walk away with nothing more than maybe a sore neck from sustaining the impact. All of this is to say that a hardhat can easily save an employee or customers life in the right situation. Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI Utililink is Truxion as we called today requires all of its employees to wear hardhats on 100% of his jobs and at all times. GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa knows will provide a safe and injury free construction process values its employees lives and this is evident in its safety practices.

The second piece of PPE or personal protective equipment that we will discuss today are the safety glasses. GEI Utility construction, utility contractor Tulsa has used for nearly 40 years for safe reliable reputable utility construction services requires all of its employees on every job site every day to wear safety glasses. I injuries some of which can be permanent or a leading cause of injury in the construction work place. From flying debris dust particles and chemicals there is a whole host of possibilities for a sustaining an eye injury in the workplace. This is another critical piece of PPE that GEI utility contractor Tulsa requires employers to wear day in and day out. The example that I often talk about when conducting our weekly safety meetings every Monday is something that happened to me several years ago while working in the field. I was using a hammer to loosen a collar on our directional drill machine and when striking the collar with a hammer a small part of the hammer chipped off and hit my wrist. It caused some minor bleeding but was not all that bad and so I put a bandage over the wound and continue to work. At first I didn’t think it was Extremely serious but as the day went on my wrist began to hurt worse and worse. By the end of the day my wrist was hurting substantially more than it was when the injury first happen. I found a magnet and when I held the magnet up to my wrist I could visibly see the skin of my wrist pull out words towards the magnet, indicating that there was a piece of the hammer defragment the chipped off while striking the directional boring machines collar to loosen it had embedded itself in my wrist. This could have easily been a much more severe injury had it been an eye injury. Immediately upon realizing the middle fragment had a better self and my wrist I quit working for the day and made an incident report and quickly went to the urgent care. An x-ray was performed at indicated the middle fragment approximately 1/4 inch in diameter had lodged it self 1/2 of an inch into my wrist, somehow missing tendons and ligaments and veins and would require surgery to remove. If this middle fragment had hit a softer tissue such as an eye rather than a wrist they could’ve easily caused permanent and lasting damage and most likely an amputation or removal of an eye. If your utility contractor Tulsa is not requiring its employees to wear protective eyewear or safety glasses they are putting you and your construction site at risk. Utility contractor Tulsa knows the proper way to ensure the safe health of its employees is by demanding the highest of safety standards.

The third item that we will discuss today in regards to PPE or personal protective equipment is the high visibility clothing. High visibility clothing or safety vests etc. are a vital tool and a utility contractor Tulsa Safety arsenal. These items help employees customers and other visitors to active job sites to be visible at all times. These types of clothing most commonly come in orange yellow or red and will have reflective striping. The amount of reflective striping determines The classification of the high visibility garment. These garments allow employees to be seen much more easily and readily identifiable during daylight hours due to their fluorescent coloring as well as during dusk or twilight and or dark hours due to their reflective striping. The danger of employees being crushed by equipment or ran over or hit by motor vehicles passing through the worksite are huge. GEI the utility contractor Tulsa relies on for safe utility construction requires all of its ploy employees at all times To wear class III high visibility garments. These are the highest and most visible class of garment and are approved for workers working on highway right of ways near traffic at highway speed’s. GEI Utility Construction takes the safety and livelihood of its employees beyond any other factor when determining their safety protocols.

If your utility contractor Tulsa is not requiring its employees to at a minimum utilize hardhats, safety glasses, and high visibility clothing they are putting your job site at risk of a minor injury, major injury, or even a fatality. GEI the utility contractor Tulsa relies on for the safest possible utility construction services has been serving Tulsa and the surrounding area‘s and extending into the surrounding states for nearly 40 years. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to foster the safety conscious attitude that GEI Utility Construction has created. Do not put your project at risk by allowing a utility contractor to employee unsafe practices and not protect its employees on your job site. Give GEI Utility Construction a call today to see the Gables difference at 918-447-3350. Or visit our website at www.ga-usa.com for more information. One of our team members will reach out within 24 hours to see what we can do to make your life not only easier but make your job site more safe. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working together in the future.