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Utility contractors are hard to find at least a utility contractor who produces quality work as promised. If you or someone you know is looking for a quality utility contractor turn to the utility contractor Tulsa has relied on for nearly 40 years for safe reliable repeatable Utility construction services that are of the absolute highest quality available. GEI Utility construction is just that company. GEI Utility Construction specializes in utility construction With a focus on excavation horizontal directional drilling and Ariel Utility construction services. In this article we will break down the three main services offered by GEI Utility Construction what they are where at they are used and the types of applications and customers who hire GEI Utility Construction as the contractor Tulsa chooses for quality services. Please do not hesitate to give GEI Utility Construction a call today at 918-447-3350 to experience the gable difference for yourself.

The service that GEI Utility construction is most widely known as the utility contractor Tulsa has leaned on for underground excavation services. In 1980 my grandfather and grandmother Roy and Ruth Gable moved from the Pacific Northwest to Oklahoma to start a business. The very first piece of equipment that was purchased by my grandfather to start the family company he helped one day would enable him to better support his wife and family of eight was a Bacot. The Bacot is still to this day the most common piece of equipment utilized by GEI Utility Construction formerly more and perhaps more widely known as Gable’s Exc. Inc. Inc. GEI was started in 1980 as an excavation and utility contractor Tulsa needed at the time, which focused on utility excavation. During the first few years business was rather slow and my grandfather Roy Gable put his backhoe to work in anyway possible often times finding himself excavating for basements swimming pools and doing other odd jobs such as land clearing and hauling debris. To this day underground utility excavation is the cornerstone of our company and the foundation that our nearly 40-year-old business was built upon. After the first few years of struggling Roy gable began to have health problems and just as the company was starting to see some success was forced into retirement. My father Dan Gable took over the business and the later 1980s and build the company from a struggling small business to a thriving corporation. To this day you till the excavation and the Bacot our corner stone in our companies operations.

The second service that we will mention and one of three main services offered by GEI Utility construction is horizontal directional drilling. Gable’s Exc. Inc. or Gene Giles this is known today was one of the first companies in Tulsa to carry out horizontal directional drilling Services. GEI Utility Construction was one of the first Utility contractor Tulsa could call for this particular highly specialized service. The utility Tulsa market did not have many options in those early days for horizontal directional drilling and therefore GEI Utility Construction or Gable’s Exc. Inc. anything as it was known back then was able to build a substantial market share and this groundbreaking new technology. GEI the utility contractor Tulsa has relied on for over three decades has been successfully completing horizontal directional bore‘s otherwise known as road Boers or auger bores For over 25 years. For anyone reading this who may not know or be familiar with what horizontal directional drilling is, it is the practice of using a highly specialized piece of equipment controlled by a knowledgeable utility contractor to install various types of utilities from one point to the other without actually having to excavate in the areas in between. This process is accomplished by pushing a steel drill string through the ground which the operator and Locator are able to steer to avoid existing obstacles such as ground and rock formations, existing utilities, building footings, ears, and other on for seen objects that may be in the ground. This process is especially useful when Excavating would be cost prohibitive due to extensive paving or landscaping work. As mentioned before GEI Utility Construction was one of the first utility contractor could call to complete this type of service. While that may have changed over the last 25 years, GEI Utility construction is still the utility contractor Tulsa can call for quality horizontal directional drilling services. There are many imitators and many companies popping up in the market however they do not have the track record nor the experience that GEI Utility construction has been able to obtain over his extensive history of practicing this highly specialized construction method. If you were looking for a quality horizontal directional drilling contractor or contractor Tulsa-based, please visit our website at www.GEI-usa.com or call 918-447-3350 and speak with one of our team members to see the gable difference. There is a reason that GEI Utility Construction is a utility contractor Tulsa depends on for highly specialized utility construction services.

The third main service offered by GEI Utility construction is one that we have been offering for nearly 20 years however, it is Hey service that has just began really gaining speed over the last five years or so and is the quickest growing division of our company. GEI Utility Construction the utility contractor Tulsa knows is capable of all types of utility construction from Ariel to underground two directional drilling is the full service utility contractor calls for the quality work Tulsa is demand.