Utility Contractor Tulsa | Longevity in the Tulsa Market
This content was written for GEI Utility Construction

Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI Utility Construction as we refer to the our company today as a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma base that has been in business for nearly 40 years. This longevity in the marketplace gives GEI Utility construction hey significant advantage in the Tulsa metro area and extending out into surrounding areas throughout Oklahoma. There are several reasons for this advantage which equate to more reasons why customers should reach out to Gable’s Exc. Inc. and GEI Utility construction for a guaranteed return estimate within 24 hours as well as the promise to beat our competitions price by at least 15%.
The first of those reasons is Based on the relationships GEI utility construction it’s owner managers and operators have been able to form and grow over that nearly 40 year period. Everyone’s heard the saying it’s not what you know its who you know and in our business that saying it rings true. The relationships that we have been able to develop and grow over this period of time have been crucial to the success and ease of operations for our company. From utility line locators to public utility managers to building owners and city state and local government appointees those those relationships are a definitive advantage over new companies coming to market as well as establish companies from other areas of the United States attempting to gain a foothold in the utility contractor Tulsa market.

Another prime example of how relationships have helped our company to succeed due to its longevity in the Tulsa and expanding into the Oklahoma market is the relationships our company GEI Utility construction of Tulsa Oklahoma has been able to develop with its subcontractors. While GEI utility construction is a full-service utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma which offers several services in conjunction with excavation such as directional drilling aerial utility construction underground telecommunications concrete services and so much more there are some things that we recognize are simply not our specialty. With this realization we have set out to establish relationships with the most successful companies in their respective fields and are able to lean on them as subcontractors when the occasion arises to ensure the highest customer satisfaction delivered to our customers. This is just another way Gable’s Exc. Inc. or GEI utility construction a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma has been able to succeed in the marketplace over such a long period of time.

The second and perhaps nearly equally as important reason for Gable‘s exclamations continued success and it’s long then due to its longevity in the Tulsa Oklahoma and expanding into the greater Oklahoma market is it’s knowledge of existing ground conditions. While most construction work can be cut and dry you can see it In front of you read the plans no the potential hazards or difficulties underground excavation and directional drilling can be especially difficult because of the unknown factors involved with working below the surface. The main reason for this is ground conditions. Most of the time due to our 35+ year history working in Tulsa Oklahoma as a utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma GEI Utility, instructions foreman operators and estimators are aware of existing ground conditions simply by hearing or seeing an address. There are some areas in the Tulsa metro area that have lime stone others sandstone some with sand and others with clay or other reactive soil‘s. Ground conditions as you could imagine can considerably impact the probability of a successful project. If a contractor who is unfamiliar with an area he or she is working estimates a job and does not include rock excavation there is a good chance that contractor will walk away from the job when the going gets tough. Now the general contractor or customer is left with a half completed job and a timeline that will be difficult to meet. Dealing with a Tulsa-based utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma you can rest assured that if that contractor has significant amount of experience in the area here she should know what conditions to expect and plan accordingly. This could mean a higher upfront cost however that cost would more than be offset by the last time caused by a failed subcontractor.

The second big risk when working below the ground is existing utilities. Utility Tulsa Oklahoma and around the state and throughout the united States have the difficulty of dealing with and working in and around live utilities. Some of these utilities can be life-threatening such as gas or high-pressure gas, pipelines, primary Electric, propane, ammonia and the list goes on and on. Special care must be taken when Excavating or drilling in the vicinity of a existing utility. The safety concern is obvious. While safety is always our greatest concern there are also other factors to take into consideration when dealing with existing underground utilities. Last time and damage to the infrastructure lost revenue and potential responsibility of repairs are a underground contractor Tulsa Oklahoma worst nightmare. Unfortunately the locating system used is a broken system and utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma cannot rely on the marks placed on the ground through the one call system to be accurate. Often times locates are missed Completely or Miss Marked to an extent the utility is an identifiable by the utility tulsa.

Above are just a couple of reasons why dealing with A utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma with a long track record of success for work in the area can give you and your project a significant advantage. Knowing what to expect who to deal with what regulations should be taken into consideration existing ground conditions existing underground utilities and the relationships with the right people to get the job done make GEI Utility Construction Tulsa Oklahoma the obvious choice for contractors and customers homeowners a like for their utility construction needs. If you are looking For a quality utility contractor Tulsa Oklahoma or even a utility contractor in Oklahoma or the surrounding states please do not hesitate to give GEI Utility Construction a call today to see what we can do to make your life easier. As always GEI guarantees to beat our competitions price By at least 15% and to deliver a no hassle no obligation free estimate within 24 hours give us a call today to see what GEI can do for you.