Do you have a new development in the works in Oklahoma? If you do you may be looking for a Tulsa Road Boring Contractor. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best in Road Boring or utility excavation or even area utility construction, the need to get touch with GEI Utility Construction based out of Oklahoma. Oklahoma GEI Utility Construction is the highest and most reviewed utility construction company. People come to us as the premier choice for any kind utility construction of the state because we have been proven to provide incredible customer service, fantastic results and efficiency time and again since we started in 1980. That’s right, we have almost 4 decades of experience as utility construction company and not only do we do utility information, arrow utility construction, but we also the forefront of horizontal directional drilling which is also known as trenchless drilling and Road Boring.

So if you try to make the right moves for a Tulsa Road Boring Contractor, the make she come and see us. You don’t want to us just anybody to lay the foundations for your next development. Whether that is a simple project of getting your infrastructure across the road with our Tulsa Road Boring Contractor services or if you need an entirely new area excavated for utilities, or if you need arrow utility construction to make sure that your company gets their utilities the telecommunications spread across miles of the Oklahoma landscape, then make sure you make it GEI Utility Construction. We are the most trusted in Oklahoma because we proven time and time again to provide results, provide great service and also be an incredible value.

You don’t trust just anybody to your foundations, because everything that you do is based off of a solid foundation and the very beginnings of a new foundation can start with utility excavation. So you and make she get it right from the very start and you should trust anybody better in Oklahoma then the crew here at GEI Utility Construction. Your exhibition company we are committed to providing infrastructure we need to live our daily lives in the mission here is to provide customers with reliable, consistent, repeatable utility construction services of the highest quality. One of our main focus is also making sure that we are always on time to make sure that you don’t go past due or over budget on anything.

Also we provide a better value than anybody else because we have the highest commitment to value and we provide some great incentives to get you started so whenever you come to us to provide a free coping 24 hours and were also can be willing to be any competitors price by up to 15%.

You feel like we can be the right choice for you as we had been for companies like AT&T and PSO the make she get touch with us today at GEI Utility Construction by calling us 918-447-335 or you can always go to our website to find out more information at

Tulsa Road Boring Contractor | A Company You Can Count On

If you’ve ever worked with contractors before you know how unreliable and how fickle some to be. Here at GEI Utility Construction we are the best and most reliable Tulsa Road Boring Contractor working in Oklahoma today. To further prove our point, when you look at our reviews, we are also the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in the state of Oklahoma today also. Also when you look at our portfolio come out some of our former clients inclusive of America’s biggest and most trusted company like AT&T, PSL and Flintco, among others. Whenever you top it off the fact that we have been operating since 1980 here in Oklahoma and we have almost 4 decades of experience, then that is a recipe for success that has helped many clients here in the state of Oklahoma.

So if you would like to guarantee. A company this can be a will to help you get the job done at higher quality than anybody else with four decades of experience behind it, then contact us here at GEI Utility Construction. It GEI Utility Construction we are the leader in the trenchless drilling in the premier Tulsa Road Boring Contractor. What makes us different from other companies is the fact that we put a results of our customers first. You’ll find many companies out there especially many contractors are in it for themselves, and show up with a want to get the job done regardless of the quality, you get paid. Here at GEI Utility Construction we are in it to make sure that we not only prosper as a company of course, but that we are providing a service and serving others. To that end, we want to make sure that we are providing you with the highest quality results, we’re getting the job done quickly and efficiently, and that we are providing with a great value at the same time.

So whenever you come to us as the best Tulsa Road Boring Contractor not only can we provide you with horizontal directional drilling, also known as trenchless drilling often referred to as Road Boring in most cases because it is utilized to provide infrastructure underneath roads instead of going through roads, also can build to provide you great area utility construction and also utility excavation which is the cornerstone of GEI Utility Construction and what we started out doing in 1980.

Make sure we are providing you with the best value out there and great results so that you are 100% satisfied as the customer, would make sure that we provide you great incentives. So whenever you call us were can be a will to offer you a free quote within 24 hours and top it off, you can feel good about getting the best value hands-down because we can be a will to be any competitors prices by 15%.

So if you’re interested in what we can do for you the data get touch with us by calling us at 918-447-335 going to our website anytime for more information, customer testimonials and photo galleries.