Do you need Tulsa road bore contractors to help you with an upcoming construction project? Look no further than GEI Utility Construction to do the job. We are the highest and most reviewed construction company and all of Oklahoma. We provide clients with some wonderful services, and guarantee exceptional quality. Not only do we cost 15% less than our competitors, we pay attention to the finer details.

If you are interested in Tulsa road for contractors this season, then we are the ones for you. We have a lot of experience and have been working in Tulsa for years. In the late 1970s, our founders, Roy and Ruth Gable moved from Oregon to Tulsa Oklahoma. The dreams of starting a family business, however as always the beginning years were rough. In fact, Roy and Ruth were quite four and he lived in shacks with dirt floors. It was quite terrible and so they moved there family of eight to Tulsa to begin a new life. Luckily, they were able to found Gable’s Excavating company where they began to provide the Tulsa area with exceptional construction work. It was a bit of a challenge at first, as always, but they fought through it and started to make splashes in the construction world.

Because we are a dedicated company, offering Tulsa road bore contractors, you can trust that we will get the job done in a amazing way. You can just that when you choose GEI Utility Construction to do your job, you will not only get quality what you will get a passion that responds from years of hard work and fighting. We’ve survived to a lot of hardships, and we intend to approach every project the same level of dedication. We have partnered with the Public Service Company of Oklahoma and that relationship has endured for 35 years. They have allowed us to help even more of Oklahoma with their construction projects and provided them electricity and utility.

Our founders are family people and care a lot about bringing that mindset into their Tulsa Road Bore Contractors business. We make sure that everything we do is done intentionally and with care. We value integrity and honesty. This means that when you choose us to do your construction work, you are choosing people who have teamwork as a core belief. We are intentional about the work we do and try to make sure that everything is done well and we do not leave any job unfinished. Through hard work, and intends dedication, our founders were able to carve a place for them in the construction industry. We are now able to help all of Tulsa with their construction needs because of their unwillingness to give up.

If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more about her history, you can go to our website at or call us at (918) 447-3350. We would love to work with you and can’t wait’s to figure out what project you have in mind. We want to make sure you understand that it is our goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Who Is Able To Offer You Some Tulsa Road Bore Contractors Success?


Do you need a Tulsa Road bore contractors on your side? Then you should look at GEI Utility Construction. We are company dedicated to serving our customers and providing satisfaction. We have awesome services that you can choose from to complete your project and cost 50% less than our competitors. We value safety, quality, and integrity in every single thing that we do. So when you choose GEI, you know you are choosing the best.

As Tulsa Road bore contractors, it is our duty to provide Tulsa with amazing services related to utility construction. We offer utility excavation services to our wonderful customers. When we do this, we dig, either by hand or with heavy equipment, because in order to place the utility materials belowground. There are a lot of different underground utilities included in this term. Some of those utilities include water systems, sewer systems, storm sewer systems, geothermal pipes, and more. A lot of these are not able to be placed overhead due to safety issues or weight concerns. This is why when we do this type of excavation we make sure that they are and with care and intentionality.

Being a Tulsa Road bore contractors group, we have worked with a lot of different types of clients as subcontractors in order to provide different utility. The derivatives the utilities that we have worked in include but are not limited to, electrical contractors, plumbing, geo-mechanical fiber optic, telecommunications, cable, and much more. We can also work for homeowners if you would like to save money. It is our intention to provide all of our customers with the highest quality work and services. This means that no matter what type of service you are looking for, we can help you succeed in it. With decades of experience, we guarantee that we know not only how to do construction and utility work well, we know how to do it in a timely and efficient way. We make sure that all of our workers are trained and knowledgeable in the area they are working on, meaning that you don’t have to worry about incompetence getting in the way of progress.

If you are curious about what type of people we work with, let us explain to our longest term and largest customer contract. The Public Service Company of Oklahoma has worked with us for over 30 years on projects ranging from simple electrical overhead to underground conversion projects. We want to make sure that you understand our dedication to providing the very best when it comes to any service that we provide. We do this by making sure that we pay attention to details and satisfy our customers needs. Our long-term relationship with the PSO company supports our claim to integrity and excellence.

If you are interested in our services and would like more information about us, you can go to our website at or calls that (918) 447-3350. We would love to work with you and hope to make sure that all of you are amazing projects can be completed in timely manner and cost-effective way.