When you hire GEI USA Tulsa Road Bore contractor you get the best absolute best and we been doing this since the early 1970s and were still always consistent as well as orders providing the best customer service. If you do not believe in you and if someone is here from the horses mouth or actually from the clients both current and present you next finest testimonials on our website reconnected with the testimonials on a Google business page as well. If you just type in GEI USA you will find your website you also find Google business page on the right-hand side and that will be able to take to the reviews as well as directly to our website if you wish. But if you’re actually looking for the address for physical location to find that as well.

Tulsa Road Bore contractor. 918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com. Where the best in the business when it comes to road boars and we continue to pride ourselves and always overdeliver when it comes to customer satisfaction as well as an issue that we be any competitor’s price by 15% as well as always delivering a quote a free quote within the first 24 hours. If this all sounds ideal to you immediately want to be able to jump into it now to give us a call with them to be able to earn your business and say why working with us versus the competition is the best decision you ever make.

Also would love to be able to earn your business and show you why we the utility contractor and the best decision for not only just one project but for years to come. That is why we have continually you had the business of the public service service Company of Oklahoma we been doing business with them for the past 30 years and we continue to go strong. Because they understand that our services, as well as our family-owned atmosphere in small business atmosphere and customer service, is always can be far above and far exceeding the competition every single time.

One thing we do here at EEI USA is aerial utility construction and right now aerial utility construction means several different types of work. But here for us Gables way we have electrical and fiber optic work. Others other work type or other types include copper, coax cable television and Internet traditional telephone and Internet as well as end-user fiber optic that is the fiber to the home or business. And usually that is our niche and with aerial construction market it’s a usually is assisting service providers as well as utility companies with network outside plant construction as well.

918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com Tulsa Road bore contractor. 918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com. And it all can be summed up with us here at as the infrastructure that supports local bloke global communications. Our primary customers include the companies and corporations such as at PSO AEP Verizon Sprint AT&T century link and they’ll just to name a few.

Tulsa Road Bore Contractor | Number One Priority Is Our Costumers

Here at GEI our number one priority is safety and commitment to offer the best customer service as well front and center in our aerial construction division. We have the number one customer service especially in the market when it comes to having providing unique value based on production as well as not sacrificing safety and quality. Atoms are gable way here at GEI USA. 918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com. If you’re looking for great safety standards that as well as dealing with high-voltage electrics as well as they my corporations and telecommunications then you do want to work with us.

We recognize that our crew and you can recognize this and maybe even seen us from time to time in our bright yellow high visibility also fire resistant uniforms white hardhats and safety glasses. As the competition doesn’t even bother wearing a lot of fall protection furnaces that here at GEI we do that and just that we believe and always be going above and beyond expectations and making sure that every single member of our team is always practicing the best safety they can. And especially when it’s you know dealing with critical jobs especially for mature clients of ours and we hold our contractors and subcontractors to the highest level is at an expectations of safety.

We understand that anything ago running any point in Willie’s miniature there were always up-to-date with our safety regulations as well as being cautious when it comes to working with high-voltage situations. So committees of all sizes and ages actually value safety and that’s probably one of things that definitely I get is hide everything on time because we put safety about the almighty dollar. 918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com Tulsa Road bore contractor. GEI USA in business since 1970s. We are can also contributor and also contributed to our success is the safety protection front and its dedication to also reinvesting the profits and back into the company.

I’m one of the latest reason investments and that came as actually are late-model dependable bucket trucks trucks equipment as well as support equipment for safety inspections free from defects clean and ready to produce results. GEI. 918-447-3350 www.gei-usa.com efficient manner safety first. When you are dealing with high utility voltage as well as heights safety utility aerial utility underground digging trench list drilling and even excavation you always want to be able to choose the company that’s always can put safety first above the dollar amount. Because if you have any sort of accident during one of these things it could not only be detrimental to a member of your team but it also could really harm the community.

So it’s all about safety first for everybody here everybody on the team here at GEI USA. That’s the number one priority and we continue on even after 40+ years of always providing the best of the best especially when it comes to putting our team first and their safety. We always exercise abundance of caution as well as making sure there were reinvesting into the company to always provide the most up-to-date equipment and safety harnesses ever.