We have the most significant advancements in our industry in quite a long time with Trenchless Drilling. It’s also known as boring a road boring is the process of installing a utility beneath the service in between two points. We do this without disturbing this well at the ground level and while this may on the surface seem like a very big deal, the advantages of this form of utility construction are massive and we are able to do this. you’ll see that we’ve been involved in the horizontal directional drilling Market nearly since the inception.

If you’re looking for Trenchless Drilling then you’ve come to an experienced company that can help you with it. You’ll see that we had our first horizontal directional drill in 1990 and it has been perfecting the practice and taking Meats of boring ever since. You’ll see that our machine is the most current and Advanced Equipment an Electronics in the field. We’ve always been on The Cutting Edge of innovation in this field and we’re not stopping here.

We have survived the Trenchless Drilling as many have come and gone over the years. we approve the test of time and have longevity in the industry. You’ll see that we have the ability to install gas, so, water, storm sir, fiber optic, telephone, cable television, electric, geothermal or any other type of underground utility imaginable. We can do it in many different sizes. You see, there are three main factors that contribute to our extremely high success rate in this field and this is why we will only hire good people as our employees. we take a level of pride in the level of skill and experience we require in our foreman.

There are so many unknown factors that play into each of the boring processes. Our personal staff must be actually knowledgeable and have the utmost respect for safety and that’s how we have maintained excellence. you’ll see that we have a commitment to investing back into the company that has resulted in the latest and greatest horizontal directional drills. you’ll see that we have the newest and most advanced locating technology. Last name, perhaps the most important, is the education that we provide for our employees.

With these three factors including great employees, great equipment and education we have found that you won’t find a lot out there like us. visit our website Gei-Usa.com to learn more about us and see what we’re all about. you’ve come to the right place and we would like for you to give us a call to talk to the professionals about your project. If you have any questions or you would like to schedule today then you can do that also by calling 918-447-3350. We would like for you to experience talking to a teammate directly to get started in scheduling and having the opportunity to talk about what we have going on and how we can help you with your Drilling needs.

Trenchless Drilling| persistence and dedication to our clients

We have a dedication to our employees and our clients with Trenchless Drilling. you’ll see that we always do the best job. We have three factors in mind whenever we are doing any of our projects, let alone the drilling. You’ll see that it’s important to have great employees because they need to have a high skill set and good knowledge when they’re out there. You’ll see that one of the most important things that are going to be important in this industry is having good equipment as well. We’ve always invested back into our company that’s important for our clients and the people that work for us. It’s one of the things that has made us stand out and stand the test of time.

We have seen many people come and go with the Trenchless Drilling but it’s these factors including education that make us stand the test of time. We are here to give you excellent commitment and we are here to ensure the highest probability of success. We will be the most effective company that will know the right tools forever changing ground conditions and using the correct Drilling Fluids to ensure great work. We have completed thousands of boards in Tulsa, throughout Oklahoma and even extended to the surrounding states of Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas and kansas. throughout the Midwest you’ve been successful and we’re not stopping there. we’ve learned more from our missteps, as typically as the case and have evolved a process to avoid those mistakes in the future.

With our Trenchless Drilling you will be certain of success and will make sure that we maintain our integrity and give you a good end result. If your company is looking for horizontal Directional Drilling that has experience, expertise and good equipment to handle projects of all shapes and sizes then give us a call. If you’re looking for a more dependable, more competitive, more safety conscious or more capable partner than your current contractor then you can give us a call. We will be there to help you every step away and we are prepared to give you excellent service that you will enjoy. you’ll see that all quotes are prepared for free within one business day and we guarantee to be any competitor’s price by 15%.

We would be happy to help you with any of your drilling needs. You’ll see that we stand out when it comes to our competition and we are glad to make the offer to you to give you a 24-hour turnaround time on your quote whenever you reach out to us. We can schedule an appointment today and ensure that we can get you started right away.

you have come to the right place when it comes to the experts and drilling. We encourage you to go to our website to check our testimonials in the gallery page to see what customers are getting from us and why they like us. visit our website Gei-Usa.com or call 918-447-3350 for any of the questions that you might have.