When it comes down to doing something like a Trenchless Drilling, it is almost impossible to do it properly and especially safely unless you have qualified professionals with the right equipment to get it done. You get the development progress here or in the works even in the planning stages here in Oklahoma, then you and make sure you’re getting the right professional and contractor out there to do these types of utility construction services for you. You definitely do not want to attempt these types of services by yourself because they involve very heavy machinery, and expertise years of skills and experience working with city machinery and make sure results. Is not something you can do on your own by going out and buying a backhoe and digging your own trenches delay your infrastructure, something absolutely need to come to a professional for. You want to make sure that you’re going with a qualified professional and not a company with zero experience and zero expertise.

Here at GEI Utility Construction we can speak from four decades of experience in utility construction, and when it comes to something like Trenchless Drilling, we are the most qualified in the state because we are innovating the most current technology of this technique, at the most highly skilled and trained professionals for this relatively new field, and we can do better than anybody else out there. We are in fact the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in Oklahoma and not just just apply to Trenchless Drilling, it applies to aerial utility construction in utility excavation as well.

So if you need trenches dug, horizontal directional drilling or power lines erected the make she call us here first. We can provide you all this. Utility excavation is the cornerstone of GEI, and is what we started our company based around in 1980. So even considering the fact that doing this on your own is almost 9 possible, we want to encourage you to not just go with a real company but also the most professional. Most qualified for the state of Oklahoma is going to be GEI Utility Construction.

So whenever you’re ready to start give us call we can provide you with a free quote the 24 hours, completely free of charge see find out what it takes to receive our services for your project, and keep in mind that we also beat any competitors price by 15% whenever you come to us.

The make she come to us before you commit anybody else and if you would like to take that first step and get started and reach out to us and take that first by calling us 918-447-335 we can always find out more information about us what we can do first by going to our website at gei-usa.com.

Trenchless Drilling | What Is It Utility Construction?

If you are some money in the state of Oklahoma that find yourself in the position of spearheading and you development project or you have any sort of construction project in the state of Oklahoma and you are wondering where to begin, then you likely need to look at a company that can provide you the construction first and foremost. Is because utility construction provide services like utility excavation, aerial utility construction, and horizontal directional drilling which is also known as Trenchless Drilling. All of these services are the basis for just about everything are large-scale because it provides an the structure we need to live our daily lives.

So here it GEI Utility Construction we are actually highest and most reviewed utility construction company in Oklahoma, and some of our former client include portfolio of companies like AT&T, Flint Co. in PSO. Some of our former clients are some of the biggest companies in the world, and we can be trusted to provide them with their utility construction, including Trenchless Drilling, then you can bet that will provide you with the same high quality results. We have four decades of experience, because we started out doing utility excavation specifically in 1980. Utility excavation is a cornerstone of GEI Utility Construction and it is the process of digging trenches, basically, which is to provide you with the tradition if you’re up a structure such as electrical infrastructure, plumbing infrastructure and so on.

Them when it comes to Trenchless Drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling this is the process of drawing a hole between two points without disturbing the soil at ground-level. This is one of the newest fields or sectors in utility construction business, and we are the forefront by innovating in the most current technology for this technique. Nobody can do this better than we do is most especially great option at your infrastructure underneath obstacles or structures without going through them, such as a road.

And we also provide aerial utility construction which is providing the infrastructure for telecommunication companies ISPs and utility companies, which is basically power lines. We can make sure that you get your service where needs to go or we can provide the infrastructure to place the services.

If you are having trouble figure out where the end, they go and is give us call here at GEI Utility Construction by calling us 918-447-335, and we can provide you with a free quote within 24 hours and we can beat any competitors price by 15% and you know more about us before you us call the toll-free to go to our website at any time at gei-usa.com.