If you are developer here in the state of Oklahoma and you need a company is can be a will to provide you with the infrastructure services to make sure that your development gets plumbing, electricity, telecommunications make sure you reach out to us here at GEI Utility Construction who are not only masters of utility construction but also the forefront of Trenchless Drilling. Here at GEI Utility Construction, we are the premier choice in Oklahoma for anybody that needs utility construction services that involve any kind of utility excavation, area utility. These are the services that we can provide you here at GEI Utility Construction, and we do so as the highest and most reviewed utility construction service in the state. For over 40 years we been providing our services to stay, got better and better each and every year and now people trust us with the various get the job done some of America’s and Oklahoma City were company like PSO, AT&T, and Flint Co.

It comes to the services that we provide here, trenchless drilling is one of our areas of expertise. As a matter fact, we innovate better than anybody else in the state. Trenchless drawing, also known as horizontal directional drilling or road boring and some situations, is the most recent aspect of the utility construction service. And here at GEI Utility Construction, we innovate in the space more than anybody else right now the state of Oklahoma, we make sure that we have the most up-to-date technology and equipment and five professionals provide the service than anybody else. Trenchless drawing, is to hold ourselves to restore the ground level so that essentially said of going around, we can go.

In addition to the person directional drilling, whenever you give us call here at GEI Utility Construction, were also can build to make sure that we provide you with utility excavation. This is the old-fashioned way of making sure that we provide you with the means necessary to get the infrastructure to your structures by digging trenches. If you need to make sure that you have underground public or private infrastructure provided to your development or your project, the give us call because this is the cornerstone of what GEI Utility Construction is where we started in 1980.

We also provide aerial utility construction. Surrounds out the majority what we do here at GEI Utility Construction and this is the service of writing and structure above ground for talking indication companies, ISPs and utility companies. This often involves providing structure needed to stretch the services across miles and miles of Oklahoma.

Get touch with us today need any the services and we can get your quote in 24 hours as well as offer to beat any competitors. And I can find better results, a better price, or better customer service anywhere else and utility construction instead of Oklahoma so make sure you give us call at 918-447-335 or check out more about us on our website gei-usa.com whenever you’re ready to find the right company for your utility construction needs.

How Can We Help You With Trenchless Drilling?

Trying to find out more about the top companies in the construction, then we encourage you to check out the kind of Trenchless Drilling services to the excavation that we make people here at GEI Utility Construction. So if you’re looking for these types of services, then we highly encourage you to our website at gei-usa.com. The patient company, we are the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in the state of Oklahoma. You can feel good about the fact that you’re coming to a company that takes it seriously and has been providing the services for well over 40 years. Even some of our former clients are some of America’s favorite most trusted companies and even in the state of Oklahoma such as AT&T, Flint Co., and PSO. These companies trust us with their utility construction, then we feel confident that we can provide you with better services as well.

In order to find more information about who we are what we do include our dedication innovating in the area of Trenchless Drilling, the make she check out our website to find all this information plus much more. The first thing you notice whenever you go to our website is that you can see right the bat there were to build a beat any competitor’s price by 15%. So if you think you get a better deal, the make sure you check with us before you commit, because we want to be a will to be to by 15% or more, and you feel good about the fact that you can be securing the services at the same price for the highest and most reviewed construction utility services in the state of. Knowing that the just the right there at the same time that we offer free quotes within 24 hours. Sort of you responsive punctual in making sure you get the information you need to make a commitment. You also build conveniently schedule an appointment right there from the website as well on the homepage.

On the website, in addition to finding out more information about the services we hide in our commitment to innovating in trenchless drilling, you also find our current former clients in part of that include Verizon, oil capital electric, American Electric Power more. As you want about to the homepage to the website to find out a little bit more information about the history of the company and how we get started by Roy and Ruth Gable when they moved from Oregon Oklahoma in the late 1970s the dream of starting a family business. You can also find out more about us as a company that our commitment to excellence is in our company values.

You also find a contact form on our website out with your name and your contact information so that we get back to you and answer any of your questions about what working to build to do for you. And you also build to find out more details about each one of the services that we provide including to the excavation, aerial utility construction, Lozano directional drilling also known as Trenchless Drilling. You can also find photo galleries of the work we’ve done the past and some very helpful customer testimonials.

So if you’re interested in what working to build to do for you, then go and reach out to us by calling us at 918-447-335 or utilize the web form on our website and look all the information that we have available here at gei-usa.com.