You because here in GEI whenever you’re in need of any kind of utility construction services including and Trenchless Drilling. Generally project development managers are utility company representatives contact us whenever they need utility construction services because we provide the infrastructure that we need to our daily lives. Here we are the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in Oklahoma that has been providing service to Oklahoma since 1980. And for over four decades, we have service client such as AT&T, Flint: PSO providing them the infrastructure to get their services to you and all the other Oklahomans you know enjoy things like gas, electricity, Internet and cell phone service. If you want to company that can provide you with that kind dedication to getting your utilities to the people of Oklahoma they get touch with us.

That’s can situation you find yourself and whenever you need to call us, and you call us anytime and we can provide you with a consultation” free of charge. We can also get to you within 24 hours. So if you want to make sure that you’re getting the highest rating utility construction services in Oklahoma that have worked for some of the best utility companies in America they get to us today. You can call us anytime by reaching out to us specifically at 918-447-3350. Utilizes number whenever you want to speak to one of our team members directly during office hours. However, you can also contact us anytime utilize our free quotes by going to our website anytime at On the website you’re going build to find a lot of great information but also going to build to reach out and contact us to the website utilizing the web form in your contact information as well.

So get in touch with us whenever you need Trenchless Drilling, as the most recent addition to utility construction industry. It is whatever most popular services which involves drilling a hole between two points without the serving the soil at ground level, a.k.a. drilling underneath something instead of going over it or around it. This is also known as horizontal directional drilling. Whenever you need Trenchless Drilling services to get your infrastructure for your utilities underneath roads and underneath other types of structures instead of going around through or over, the can us build provide that to you with the most innovative technology in the trenches drilling.

So call us anytime you need our services for your utility specifically and we can also provide you with aerial you to the construction and utility excavation. Utility excavation is the good old-fashioned artform of digging trenches for your infrastructure whenever you need to buried in the ground. We can provide this to you anytime which is the cornerstone of where we started in 1980. We can also provide you really to the construction which can get utility across the wide open spaces of Oklahoma more efficiently. If you need to get your utility across 100 mile stretch of Oklahoma, then we can do for you as well.

Whenever you’re ready to take advantage of our free quotes, then is give us call directly at 918-447-3350, and don’t forget to check out all the information the photo galleries and the testimonials that we have available on our website at

Where Are You Looking for The Trenchless Drilling?

If you’re looking for a company that provides Trenchless Drilling, then you fit the nail square on the head right here at GEI. That’s because here at GEI only do we do horizontal directional drilling, but we also provide all utility construction services that include utility excavation and aerial utility construction. We provide the services to the entire state of Oklahoma and wherever your utility is or ever need to go, that’s where we will be. We are asked the highest most reviewed utility construction company in the state, and we have been providing service to Oklahoma since 1980. So over four decades we have been providing you with the infrastructure that we need to live our daily lives with companies like AT&T, Flint: PSO as former client of ours.

The better where you are in the state of Oklahoma if you need our services including Trenchless Drilling, we are going to build help. If you need to get your utility from Tulsa and Oklahoma City, then let us know and we can use a combination of utility excavation, aerial utility construction horizontal directional drilling to get there. Aerial utility construction is especially helpful to get across long stretches between points. Much like the utility poles you see underneath in your neighborhood but on a larger scale and across much larger spans of distance.

Utilizing aerial utility construction, working again your utilities all across the state of Oklahoma, and whenever we get closer to where they need to go, we can revert to utility excavation, which is digging the trenches that can provide you with the infrastructure necessary to place your utilities to the ground, and we can also do Trenchless Drilling also is horizontal directional drilling can drill a hole between two points without disturbing the soil at ground level. This is most especially helpful whenever we need to go to crossroads. So instead of going over, we can go under. This is the most recent addition to the construction utility industry, and we are innovating in this current technology for this technique to provide you with the best possible results. We can provide this service all of the state of Oklahoma.

The matter where you are in the state of Oklahoma you’re always going to get the same great pricing in this same dedication to customer service in which we always and should be done on time from GEI. Ross always can be willing to beat any competitor’s price by 50% in a matter where you are in the state, this let us know if you know of anybody with a better price and allow us to beat it, and to give into the fact that we offer you free quotes we can to you within 24 hours. Given of all the services and the advantages that we can offer you here at GEI, a company has been providing the services for over four decades.

Whenever you’re ready for GEI to bring your service to reason more people in the state of Oklahoma get to us by calling us can anytime by reaching out to 918-447-3350. Also be sure to check out all the information we have on our website you can fill in many the gaps answer many of your questions anytime at