If you are spearheading project here in the state of Oklahoma, whether it is a small new construction project or a large development project, and you need a company that can provide you with high quality utility construction services, such as Trenchless Drilling then your destination should be GEI Utility Construction. Here at GEI Utility Construction, we are the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in the state of Oklahoma. GEI has for decades of experience providing utility construction services for the state of Oklahoma. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma we can provide our services to anybody in the Tulsa area but we are also available across the state. We provide service for large-scale projects and so we can be anywhere in Oklahoma whenever you need us.

The services that we provide to the state of Oklahoma specifically we began in our company in 1980 was not based off of Trenchless Drilling because that did not exist yet. That is a relatively new technique to the field of utility construction, but rather our cornerstone we started was utility excavation. Utility excavation is the old-fashioned approach of digging trenches. This is a service that has been provided by decades, and we have been doing it for four decades now. To be hard-pressed to find any other company out there that has a track record as long as ours, and we have it down to a science. If you need a trenches to make sure the way the foundation structure for your project or development the don’t hesitate to get at GEI Utility Construction first.

Also when it comes to aerial utility construction, you can see the results of our work state. This service provides infrastructure for documentation companies, ISPs and you to that are services that we use every day to everyone also. Also whenever it comes to Trenchless Drilling, we are innovating in the most current technology for this technique, and leading the state with horizontal directional drilling. If you need to drill a hole between two points without disturbing the soil at ground level, the call us because we can provide this technique a higher level of expertise and efficiency than anybody else.

So if you live in a project in the books, the make sure you get your utility construction company like to give us call here at GEI Utility Construction we can provide you with a free quote the 24 hours and also make sure that if you’re looking at multiple companies that you check with us before you commit because we can beat that competitors prices by 15%.

Get touch with us today for next project in Oklahoma by calling us at number and if you like complete comprehensive information about us our services, who we are what we can visit our website anytime at gei-usa.com.

Trenchless Drilling | Frequently Asked Questions About Utility Construction

Have you heard of trenchless drilling? Have you heard of horizontal directional drilling? These two services are one of the same if you are spearheading a project anywhere in Oklahoma, and you are going to have to contract the company for your utility construction purposes, then we can help you clear some of the services that we provide actually are because not everyone understands what is that we do here at GEI Utility Construction. Here at GEI Utility Construction Harbor, we are the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in the state. We have provided our services for a wide range of companies portfolio includes companies like AT&T, Flint Co., and PSO. One of our main strengths is the fact that we have been doing this as long or maybe longer than anybody else in the state because we started in 1980 and we have four decades of experience providing the services, most especially utility excavation.

So people come to us for utility construction services, knowing they need but not doing exactly what they tell. Many people ask us what Trenchless Drilling is. Trenchless Drilling is a term used a lot these days and it is the newest forefront in utility construction fields. Also known as horizontal directional drilling which is drilling a hole between two points without disturbing the soil at ground level. This is a great option for an alternative to utility excavation which is digging trenches. This means that you can go underneath structures with infrastructure. This is most helpful to many developments for roads in particular which is often referred to as road boring as well. Here at GEI Utility Construction we are innovating in the most current technology for this technique, and nobody does better than we do.

People may not understand exactly what utility excavation entails either. So as the opposite of what Trenchless Drilling is really, utility excavation is the cornerstone of GEI. This is what we started happening in 1980. This is most simply put, the process of taking trenches for people that need to place infrastructure foundations for their development or their project. So you can put down your water pipes, your electrical infrastructure and so forth. We make this possible by digging these churches physically into the earth for you to place this kind of structure.

People also ask us to know the come see us if we have any specials, and incentives are what we like to call “no-brainers”. Our no-brainers here at GEI are the fact that we will provide you with a quote within 24 hours, and the best part about it is the fact that we provide for free. On top of that, if you are leaking at multiple companies to get the best it, remember that here at GEI Utility Construction will be better prices by 15%.

If you like to see what we can do for you then don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime at 918-447-335 or go to our website gei-usa.com to provide us with your contact information and check out more information about us while you’re there.