For company that specializes in utility construction and more specifically things like Trenchless Drilling, the make she get touch with us here at GEI Utility Construction. Here at GEI Utility Construction, also known as GEI, we here to provide you with all utility construction services in the state of Oklahoma. We are in fact the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in the state today, because people spoken. You can find more high quality reviews for us to anybody else in the state, and you can find this out quickly with a simple Google search for our company. Some of our clients in a portfolio also includes some of the biggest companies in the world like AT&T, and we’ve also done work for some of the best companies in America and in Oklahoma like Flint Co. and PSO. We were established in 1980 and so we have about four decades of experience in utility construction services.

So if you’re wondering what you expect from us whenever you contact us for something like Trenchless Drilling, then we can expect is high quality and efficiency. This is reflected in our mission statement which is to provide customers with reliable, consistent, repeatable utility construction services of the highest quality. This sums up what we’re going to provide you pretty efficiently because when the most important things we do here is provide you quality. Everything that we do here is going to reflect quality in the end result, and I only in the utility construction services that we provide you both customer service as well.

So if you come to us for service like Trenchless Drilling, we are going to do a better than anybody else because especially when it comes to trenchless, we are innovating in the most current technology for this technique. We make sure that we provide reliable consistent results of the highest quality for customer service time. This goes for you to the activation, aerial utility construction, and horizontal directional drilling which is also known as the Trenchless Drilling.

You can also expect some great incentives whenever you call us for the first time. You call us to get an estimate, we will provide you with a call with a 24 hours and we provided for free. It doesn’t matter what scale the project, with, with an estimate for at no charge within 24 hours and the best part is that if your shopping around for the right contractor they keep in mind that we also beat that competitors prices by 15%.

If you would like the results we can provide to you here at GEI Utility Construction to know is get touch with us by calling us anytime at 918-447-335 or you go directly to our website anytime at find more information at your leisure.

Trenchless Drilling | Always Trust A Proven Professional Company

If you’re in Oklahoma today it are searching for company that can provide you the highest quality utility construction services including Trenchless Drilling, then make sure that you’re going with a company that has proven themselves time and time again, has a great reputation and has proof to back the kind of work that they do. You get all that whenever you come see us here at GEI Utility Construction, also known as GEI. Here at GEI, we are the highest and most reviewed utility construction company in Oklahoma. You can see quite easily and quickly whenever you give us a simple Google search that we return more high quality Google reviews than anybody else in the state. So make sure you’re going with a professional company and not somebody that happens own a backhoe to provide you with utility construction services that you need.

Also you can trust us for anything in utility construction realms including Trenchless Drilling because we have done work for some of the best Oklahoma or America for some of the largest companies in the world and some of the most trusted. We work for companies like AT&T, and we’ve done work for company’s excellent Co. and PSO. These companies to provide high quality services around the world have trust us to provide their utility excavation services for them and lay the foundation for their infrastructure which is the cornerstone of where most development starts. If you would like that kind of reliability and that kind of quality, the make she get touch with us for your next project.

Also whenever you come to us here at GEI Utility Construction, you’re getting a professional company from top to bottom. We can even provide you with our mission statement which says we provide customers with reliable, consistent, repeatable you the construction services of the highest quality and as high quality is one of our main concerns, that extends the fact that we are can ensure that you will always be done on time. As a contractor, we know how unreliable contractors can be, and we here to let you know that we ensure the project to be on time, that doesn’t go overdue over budget.

Also if you need more proof of what professional company we are, you can go back to our 40 year history on our website to find out what we came from, why we started and how we get to where we are today, as well as checking out some of our services in detail and lots of other great information on our website at Also don’t dismiss the fact that we can provide you with a quote and 24 hours at no charge. And maybe best of all is the fact that we can beat any competitors price out there by 15%.

So make sure the goal with a proven professional has a great track record and excellent reviews and that’s exactly what you get whenever you come to us here at GEI Utility Construction. To make she call us first 918-447-335 or check out all the information that we described above including some great photo galleries and customer testimonials at