Trenchless drilling is a way for our customers to get quality out of their project and make sure that they’re getting the job done right. At GEI Utility Construction, we understand the horizontal directional drilling is essential for most businesses they try and meet the needs of their customers by boring a road, or a trench, underground in a way that is efficient and manageable. This is why we use up-to-date, and high standard machines, that will allow us to exceed your expectations and meet your needs for your next project moving forward.

We are GEI Utility Construction, and we do trenchless drilling for you because we know that you need options when it comes to your next project. We care about everything that you care about when it comes to your project. That is why we are a company that provides some of the best customer service in the area and are confident that we can provide the same to you and your customers. We offer more than just excavation or trenchless drilling… We are a company that works with character and integrity and provides that to are not only our employees but our customers as well.

How do we achieve success? Well that is simple. We make sure that our trenchless drilling company is successful with its employees, its equipment, and its education. This means that we provide a level of service that is incomparable to the competition. Our employees are educated when they are in the field and can offer you options if you come into any problems that you may not have considered before or have surprise you at the moment. Our equipment is able to handle anything that you may need in your operation, and that is why we are continuously used for many of the largest companies in the world.

GEI Utility Construction is a contract with the Public service Company of Oklahoma for over 30 years. The reason for this is because we continue to provide a level of service to them which is essential for their success in getting projects done on time and under budget. We are dependable, competitive, safety conscious company that is dedicated to making sure that our customers are successful in their projects. We don’t need the accolades, we want you to be successful and use us on your next project for whatever your needs may be. We work with some of the largest companies in the world like Verizon and Sprint, but I’ve also worked for the homeowner next door when they are looking to complete a project in their backyard. So if you’re looking for someone that can help you, please give us a call at (918) 447-3350.

So, GEI Utility Construction is an option for you when you are looking for your next project and we can help you achieve success in your next project, with its big or small, so call us at company number, or visit or call (918) 447-3350 today to talk with one of our professionals and understand your options right now.

Trenchless Drilling

If you are looking for a trenchless drilling option in the greater Tulsa area, little for the GEI Utility Construction. We are a family owned business that has been in the greater Tulsa area since early 1980s and we pride ourselves in making sure that our customers feel like they are the only customers in our world. How do we do this? We make sure that we understand your project as well as you do and offer customer service that is impeccable for your needs. Just give us a call at (918) 447-3350 to find out how we do this.

We are a company that dedicates its trenchless drilling operation to the high-quality equipment that we have purchased because of our success over the years. We have a contract with the Public service Company of Oklahoma for the past 30 years and continue to provide excellent customer service to them, and to our neighbors in the greater Tulsa area. Our equipment can provide you with anything that you may need in your drilling project. Horizontal directional drilling as it processes been around since the 1990s and our equipment can get your projects done efficiently and on time.

We are a dependable, competitive, and safety conscious trenchless drilling company with family ties in the area and we know that it is up to our customers successful in order for us to maintain and achieve success ourselves. We consider success in three different areas: one, our employees, too, our equipment, and three, our education. We educate our employees and our customers in the many options they may have when it comes to their projects. Whether you are a plumbing contractor, electrical contractor, or just trying to get something done your backyard, GEI Utility Construction can help you with your project and get it done efficiently and on time in a budget that you can afford.

We know the excavation companies are around and understand that you have many options to choose from when it comes to your next project. So how do we remain the top excavation company in the area? We provide our success not only of the projects that we do for our customers, but also on our character and integrity of the professionals that we have working for us. We understand that when are employees of a quality of life and personal development in their lives allows them to grow as people, we have a better company. This goes for customers as well. So while we may be able to do millions of lines of trench and also to aerial options for customers, we know that is the single person that is most important in our company and for our customers. We understand that, and we think that you understand that as well.

So, if you’re looking for company that aligns with your values and can get your project done on time, and on budget, and a way that will make you smile, please look no further the GEI Utility Construction and call us at company number or visit or go to (918) 447-3350 to see what options we can provide for you.