GEI utility Construction is a construction company that is focused on safety, quality, and integrity. we are able to be any competitor’s price by 15%, then you can get a free quote within 24 hours if you schedule an appointment today. from utility excavation, areola utility construction, and horizontal Direction drilling we’re able to accomplish so much when it comes to your Road Bore projects. We have 100% satisfaction guaranteed for our customers and we are focused on making sure that all of our employees are safe on the job and off the job. ensuring that our employees are safe we are able to make sure that our third-party workers and customers are safe. We are here to give the best quality work. we are the highest and most reviewed utility contractor. will be able to work on any job whether they are big or small will be able to make sure that we put our team together to get practical solutions for your reason for calling us

We are able to take care of our customers with our attention to detail and be able to focus on the quality of the work. we found out from our competitors because of our focus and dedication to get a job right done and diligently every single time. we had Dependable Vehicles any equipment as we keep up with the latest to make sure that we are giving the best quality work with the best tools. having the best equipment and the latest models, top-of-line vehicles, and equipment tools makes sure that we are giving the best quality work. having up-to-date equipment to make sure it all runs smoothly we are able to show up on-site and ready to work. as soon as we are ready to work we can proceed to do what we are promised to do.

GEI Construction put’s our customers first. We make sure that our customers are with us through every stage of their project. will be able to interact with our customer post work, follow up, and every step in between our attention to detail and to show are worth we will be treating our customers like family. We are here for your utility excavation, areola utility construction, and horizontal Directional Drilling. we will walk you through each step of your Road Bore project.

We have been perfecting and practicing the techniques used to complete a successful Road Bore ever since we started. We have the most advanced equipment and electronics available for Gables Excavating to be the cutting edge of innovation in its field. They’re able to deliver precision and get jobs done right and efficiently. we take pride in the level of skill and experience we have obtained from our years of experience and our personnel. our team members are very knowledgeable and will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns with the most respect.

We want to hear from you you can always give us a call and one of our team members will be able to help you you can call us at 918-447-3350. For more information and to fill out a form online to get your free quote within 24 hours please visit our website at

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I’m being the highest and most reviewed in Oklahoma for utility construction, we live up to the expectations of our customers and even exceed them. we can be any competitor’s price by 15% and we are offering any utility excavation, areola utility construction, and horizontal directional drilling, we will be able to do any underground construction for public and private infrastructures. and we work with Powerline and telecommunication services. and we are able to do trenchless underground construction as well. we will be able to answer all of your questions and take care of all of your problems for any of your Road Bore. For each project that we do, we’ll make sure that we do it diligently, effectively, and efficiently.

Are utility mission is to provide our customers with consistent and reliable utility construction service. we are not just another utility service we are here to deliver our highest quality workmanship and materials. Where are dedicated and with an efficient and effective team we’re able to finish your projects on time with integrity and will always be able to guarantee our competitor’s price by 15%. We want to be able to earn your service. you can go to our website and you can see our reviews that were left by some clients, you can take our word for it, or you could come to see it for yourself I just hired us with quality work while beating our competitor’s price.

Saving you time and money, we know what we are doing. we’ll be able to walk our customers through the process of their project. for any of your underground construction on public or private infrastructures will be able to perform utility excavation. we have worked on Powerline and telecommunication services with our perfectionism with areola utility construction. we can offer our services for tarantulas Underground Construction, we can do that with our most efficient tools with horizontal directional drilling. We have perfected Road Bore projects since 1990. We have obtained the best techniques that are used to perfect and have success.

Having the best crew who is trained, certified, and has the experience that allows them to be able to figure out any situation of complication. we have a few circumstances that may bring complications and our team is able to find solutions quickly to resolve them. we have earned our education over a 30-year of history and provide HDD services. Your Road Bore is important to us and we want to make sure that you are getting the best service and materials. We have a team who is passionate about what they are are you hanging and they have the experience and quality craftsmanship to get any job done.

If you are wanting to reach out to one of our recruitment advisors and discuss your project and your need to have a utility server come out to you as soon as possible by calling us at 918-447-3350.We would like to hear from you and give us a chance to exceed our expectations by getting started on our website to talk with one of our recruitment advisors by visiting us at