A road bore company is something that many people are looking for when there trying to find a way to complete the next project. Look no further than GEI Utility Construction. We are a name that is synonymous with success and quality assurance in the excavation industry. The Gable family moved out here in 1980 from Oregon in order to start a new life for their family. Our grandparents moved to achieve the American dream, and as we strive to complete for them as we, their offspring, continue that dream for them. We provide a level of customer service that is incomparable to our competitors, or we do your project on time and on budget and in a way that is safe for everyone.

We are utility excavation company that provides services for water providers, plumbing contractors electrical providers, fiber optics communications lines, and telephone providers. We can do any project in that area for you if you as needed. We can lay wire underground, or we can also provide aerial help for you as well. If you are trying to connect people to the air, ground, GEI Utility Construction is the right company for you to use. We are a road bore company that can help in many areas that may be essential for your needs.

When looking to have a company for a road bore, you should be looking at a company provide horizontal directional drilling with a level of satisfaction that you have come to expect. This seems like a process that may be intense, but horizontal directional drilling is a new and up-and-coming way for customers to be satisfied with projects that they want to get done efficiently on time. We have the agreement to do that in a safe and effective manner, so you should feel comfortable calling us for your next road bore project.

We consider our success as more than just making sure that your job is done correctly, we also will make sure that is done right and that you are happy. We also want to provide a successful experience for our employees, our equipment, and make sure that everyone is educated on the project. Many times we are educating our customers as well by giving them options that may not consider before they got to the field and seen some of the discrepancies that they may not have known. Our employees are educated and not only equipment but also in the terrain and options for our customers. This way you know you’re getting the highest quality customer service that we can provide.

As the most dependable, competitive, and safety conscious extra income around, GEI Utility Construction assures you of a quality experience in your next project. Whether you. You should feel comfortable giving us a call for you for this ensure you are satisfied with the project. We stand by our new stand our service as the best excrement company in town. At GEI Utility Construction, character and integrity are synonymous with a quality of life and personal development that is essential for our success now and into the future for everyone in the Tulsa area. Call us at (918) 447-3350 or visit gei-usa.com

Road Bore

Are you looking for a road bore company that will allow you to get your job done on time and exceed your expectations? Look no further than GEI Utility Construction because we are the excavation company that does it all in the greater Tulsa area. Our family moved out here in the early 1980s from Oregon in order to start a new life and achieve the American dream for their family. They worked hard and we value hard work and dedication we know that our family worked hard for us, so we work hard for you this is the way that we assure our customer satisfaction is guaranteed because we know the value of hard work.

A road bore company can be searched online anywhere. This means that you have many options when it comes to your next project. At GEI Utility Construction, we think that we rise above the rest. The reason for this? Well, we think that we do our projects not only with efficiency, but also the character, integrity, and dependability. This means that you can rely on us to make sure that we are there we sever to be there and that we get the job done correctly all will make sure that you are satisfied.

GEI Utility Construction is a road bore company for you because we understand that to you, your project is the most essential thing in your life. We all have deadlines to meet we all have families to go home to. We understand that. This is why we make sure that your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are not satisfied, we may not get work future, is why there needs. We have been working for large companies and smaller homeowners for the last 30+ years and continue to improve on our methods and projects as we go. We are open to feedback and we invite our customers to tell us how we can better serve them.

Essentially, GEI Utility Construction has been working for Public service Company of Oklahoma for the past 30+ years. We have also worked with large worldwide companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. We have done underground work for these companies and aerial work as well. This also means that we can do large projects for your local businesses well. However, we can also do projects for the homeowner who is looking to do a minor improvement in their back or front yard or someone who needs just a little help understanding what their options are looking to dig underground.

Because we value not only large companies but our neighbors here in Tulsa, we make sure that all aspects of our customers lives are essential to us. We make sure that our success is predicated on are the happiness and knowledge of our employees, the efficiency and quality of our equipment, and the education we provide only to our employees but to the customers that we are serving as well. We are dependable, competitive, and safety conscious company, so if you are looking for the best excavation company in the Tulsa area, look no further than GEI Utility Construction and call us at (918) 447-3350 or visit gei-usa.com