Road bore Tulsa is the ultimate extra meaning company for your needs in the greater Tulsa area we offer our services to customers and their excavating needs and we have been in business since 1980 after our family moved here from the Oregon area. Our company is built on essential principles that we like to live by, including character, integrity, quality of life, and personal development. We like to incorporate these essential traits into all aspects of our business as we help you find your excavating needs.

In road bore Tulsa, you will find a company that is dedicated to providing the best utility excavation around. When you decide to use us as a company for your excavating needs, we can help you with many aspects of your project. We have helped water providers put pipes in the ground so that they can use the job quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but company name can help with fiber optics, telephone lines, and any telecommunication these that you may have. We have been in contract with the Public service Company of Oklahoma for many years and have had an excellent relationship with them.

The reason that people call road bore Tulsa and uses for their needs is because of our assurance and safety all of the aspects of our company. At GEI Utility Construction, you will find a company that is dedicated to the excavating process is safe, reliable, and efficient for your needs. We consider three aspects of our company as the keys to our success. One, we value our employees and want them to have a successful life that is safe, and allows him to get home to their families after meeting your needs as an excavation employee. Two, we rely on our equipment as being the most efficient and effective around four anything that you may need also providing a safe environment for only us, but our customers. And three, education. We believe educating not only are please, is a key to providing a work experience that is beneficial for all.

GEI Utility Construction is a family company. Our grandparents came here to find a new life for themselves and start over. We have not taken it for granted as we realize the family is important in all that we do. We provide service to not only make greater Oklahoma area, but have done road boring and horizontal drilling into neighboring states like Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. Horizontal directional drilling is a new and up-and-coming that allows customers to drill horizontally to the bottom of the earth and provide more access to tunnels that may have had to be trenched in the past. We can help with that as well. We are dependable, competitive, and safety conscious and that we do.

Please give GEI Utility Construction a call at company number or visit us on our website company website for more information there to see what all of our other customers are saying about us. If you want the best utility construction company in the greater Oklahoma area, you can do better than GEI Utility Construction. Please visit or call (918) 447-3350.

Road Bore Tulsa

At road bore Tulsa, there is nothing that we can’t do to provide for your excavation needs. We are utility excavation company that prides itself safety, quality, and integrity. Utility construction is a very important process of any building needs. We provide access to our contractors that they need in order to lay down pipes for water, fiber optics, telecommunications, and telephones. We offer many more services as well, and we can then get your job done on time and in the budget that we discuss with you.

Road bore Tulsa is a company that has moved out here when our grandparents decide to change to their location in the United States from Oregon to Tulsa Oklahoma. Our family is does not come from wealth… But rather we are a family that has worked hard to achieve the American dream and we understand that is what most of you need well. That is why we use a principled approach to our work we work with our customers. We understand that character, integrity, quality of life, and personal development are all aspects that not only help us achieve the business, but over employees achieve with their families and personal lives.

Road Bore Tulsa have had a long-standing contract with the Public service Company of Oklahoma because they understand that we are a company that does work well and gets things done on time. We can work with you as well if you have any needs for your building projects. One of the most interesting aspects that we have had in the recent years is a horizontal directional drilling process… Commonly called road boring. Road boring allows people to drill sideways to the ground and is a more efficient way to lay down any of your needs for your building projects. We have done bores into Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas for our customers. So we are not just a company in Tulsa, but the surrounding area as well.

At GEI Utility Construction , we understand that you may be looking for someone to help you with a project and we pride ourselves in being dependable when you need us the most. Our jobs are quoted in a competitive atmosphere, so you can be sure that we are not trying to count you will give you a price for your project, but actually trying to help you achieve success will also make sure we keep our own lights on. Our company is also safety conscious because there is nothing more important than all of us, our customers and our employees, going home save their families back we all care about most, and that is the love and affection people around us.

So at GEI Utility Construction, we value the aspects of work but also of life. If you think that we may be the best company for you to provide service for your project, please visit or call (918) 447-3350 immediately we can give you information that may help you make the best decision of your life, and that is using GEI Utility Construction. Please call today for a chance to talk with one of our employees about your needs.