Road Bore Tulsa prides itself in its amazing work in it highest in all Lafayette people with 24 hours of your very know that we are the best states. Your so, that we are willing to be a competitor by 15%. Several current and former clients including billion-dollar corporations such as Verizon, CenturyLink, AT&T, Flintco. And more. We understand that there are several different sub industries within entire contracting industry. Here GEI we truly believe that we are the leader in the industry when it comes to utility excavation aerial utility construction and a horizontal directional drilling.

Utility excavation is one of the cornerstones of GEI. Road Bore Tulsa knows that this is the process of digging deep underground place waterlines elect house or office building before it actually get set up. Some of the main reasons for putting these things underground is because they should up or save above the ground. You have a giant power generator running power throughout your entire building you would not want that sitting outside the front driveway. You would want that deep underground where nobody would be able to touch it and it would be always safe. Several diseases can come from water sewer storm solos geothermal or even gas lines. We pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart from everyone else in competition fired immaculate attention to detail and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Road Bore Tulsa also provides aerial utility construction. This might sound really fancy, basically all it is working on the power lines. Can the electrical fiber-optic GEI focuses on assisting the service providers the utility of these outside plant-based be summed up in the course of his global communication systems. Category is safety. Working with what we are to make sure that all of our employees educated and have most safety is taken and administered. We will we will follow the same standards as we were working with extremely high voltage or a nationwide corporation. Is no reason why we should. Once project is started the team planning the construction as quickly as we start getting her work we do it in a timely manner and then we try to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and adjusting all these time killing factors before they even happen. What to make sure that we get the project done as quickly as possible.

Another one of the amazing ways that we are able to help anyone with some for project is of horizontal directional drilling. One of the newest and maybe one of the most significant technological advances in our industry ever. This is also considered road boring. Basically all of this is what we do is we will install utility beneath the surface without disturbing the soil on the ground.

If any of this on the thing you would like to reach out to us please feel free to give us a call at 918-447-3350. For if you want more information or just looking for the best company possible, please check our website We look forward to your call we cannot wait to help you.

Road Bore Tulsa says that we are the best industry. We know that we are that the highest and most reviewed construction company in all of Oklahoma. We will give you a free flow within 24 hours will be in a competitive process we guarantee it. We are so excited to help you get whatever project you’re working on completed. Couple of her current former clients include Verizon century link AT&T Flint Co. and more. You’re so set out to do whatever it is the unique get done that we will get to truly go above and beyond with every interaction to ensure that you will get the best possible

One of the best ways that Road Bore Tulsa are able to help you out is through our excavations. Our utility excavation is the quarter zone of GEI. This is basically the process of the deep underground and putting other lines underneath your home or office building. Like if you were to waterlines, sewers, storm sellers, geothermal and gas lines, or anything else that can be placed above ground. Do this is because if you had a power generator sitting outside of somebody drove into it you would no longer have power to your entire massive he wants that. Is safe if the ground is going to harm or touch it.

Another way to where it was provide help here at Road Bore Tulsa is there aerial utility construction. While this may sound daunting and fancy, basically all it means is that will work on the electrical and fiber-optic networks. Which basically means all were doing is working on power lines always say this. We focus on on assisting service providers and utility companies that work on-site plant construction. Physically just means that we’re setting up the infrastructure that supports all global communications. When we are working on stuff like this our primary focus is always safety. When you follow the same procedures is as if we were gonna work with high-voltage or nationwide corporation because while like if we were working for one of the bigger name companies. There is no reason. So we will take everything as if it is the most serious of projects.

Most interesting ways that we are able to help you is to our new technology may be one of the most significant advancements in our industry ever is our horizontal directional drilling, are also known as road boring. This is the process of installing utility beneath the surface of the ground between two points. Without disturbing the soil at ground level. Basically this means that we are putting things underground in between like a road or a building and we are setting up electrical lines or waterlines in between them without actually digging up the ground but the lines in.

If any of this sounds interesting you’re looking to get a project done soon, please feel free to give us a call at 918-447-3350 were killed more information about what we do please feel free to visit our website Excited hope you can’t wait for your call.