Road Bore Tulsa offers several different services for any kind of project that you may be encountering. Free quote within 24 hours in a consider the highest are so confident in our abilities that we will beat any competitor by 15% some of our current and former clients include: century link, Verizon, AT&T, and Flint Co., etc. We’re so confident that you will want to work with us over anyone else. We are not drivers construction company we are passionate about getting up every Sunday and we’re excited to come to work we do several different projects several examples would be utility excavation, aerial utility construction and horizontal directional drilling.

Road Bore Tulsa understand several different encountering. One of which is which we can help you is through the utility excavation. This is the cornerstone of GEI. That is the process of digging deep underground water sewers storm sewers geothermal as well as gas lines in the places where they should be. Underground. If any of these things were left above ground they could be damaged a lot easier and would not be a safe environment for them. Will gladly work with any other contractors that you have one of mine but we set ourselves apart from all of the competition by a immaculate attention to detail and focus on the quality and customer satisfaction.

Another amazing way that Road Bore Tulsa you and your project is through the use of aerial utility construction. Basically all that we are working with electrical and fiber-optic network and putting them into power lines. GEI focuses on assisting service providers and utility companies with the network outside plant construction. That might seem complicated but basically all it means is that it can be summed up as the infrastructure that supports global communications. Our primary purpose and focus while in this category is our safety. We follow the same standards as if we were working with a high-voltage or a nationwide corporation in the telecommunications industry the reason being is because we should be taking less precaution if we’re not working with it with high-voltage or nationwide corporation. So we would rather be safe than sorry

Another way that Road Bore Tulsa are able to one of the most significant ways the way of the advanced our industry is not as boring. This the process of installing utility beneath the surface between two points without the serving well at ground level. That just means that we are trickling so deep underneath the ground that we won’t actually serve the ground that you are currently standing on. This is amazing new technology that we have been a part of since it inception back in 1990. A couple of factors that go into how important our success rate is through our employees are supposed to be incredibly well educated and is up there working on. The way is through our commitment to reinvesting in the always have the top-of-the-line products. As well as we educate all of our employees to make sure that they are as safe as possible.

If any of this sounds interesting please feel free to give us a call at 918-447-3350 or look at our website for more information We can wait to hear from you we’re excited to take your call.

Road Bore Tulsa factors go into starting a new construction project. However you should not be fearful because we will beat any competitor’s price by over 15% as well as with free quote within the first inquiry. We are the highest and most used construction company in all of Oklahoma. Some of our major clients and former clients include Verizon, century link, AT&T, Flint Co., and more. There are several different ways that we are able to help you with your project. Couple of them would be utility excavation, aerial utility construction drilling.

Through Road Bore Tulsa we are able to use our utility excavation as a cornerstone for the business. This the process of digging deep underground unsafe to keep above ground. Such as water, sewers, storm sewers, geothermal and gas line, or anything else that would be unsafe for someone to be a damage. We’re happy to work with any other contractors that you may have however we pride ourselves being apart from the competition by a immaculate attention to detail in her focus on quality and customer satisfaction. One of our biggest clients ever is our Public service Company of Oklahoma.

The way that Road Bore Tulsa is able to help aerial utility construction. Which sounds fancy but all it is is really working on power lines. Basically all this means they were working with the electrical and fiber-optic network. EI focuses on assisting the service providers and utility companies with a network outside plant construction. Which basically just means that we are setting up the entire infrastructure for these global communication companies. Whenever somebody of major importance and needs a massive project, we are the ones that they go to. Our primary focus whenever we are in this category is most safety. We work as if we were working with high-voltage or nationwide corporation in the telecommunications

Road Bore Tulsa is that if we’re going to take hyper caution through high-voltage and while working with nationwide race, why would we change our requirements are not working with them? We wouldn’t. What’s a project that started the ice team specializes in moving from construction planning to construction seamlessly. Beginning work in a timely manner and staying ahead of the curve by anticipating and addressing full-time killing factors before they potential and of utmost importance for us. Another way that we can help use the horizontal directional drilling. Basically this is also known as road boring which is the process of installing a utility beneath the surface of the ground between two points without disturbing the ground which you stand on at all.

If this interests you please feel free to give us a call 918-447-3350 or a more information please check out We are excited to help you out and are excited to work with you