From utility excavation, aerial utility Construction, and horizontal directional drilling, we are able to do so much when it comes to utility Construction. we believe in safety, quality, and integrity. we have added other services to round our resume but excavation was a singular focus at the beginning of our journey when creating our company. utility excavation is a process of digging. whether we have to do it by hand or by machine either way we will be able to get the job accomplished no matter how big or small the project is.

Underground utility excavation includes water, they were, storm sewer, geothermal, Gas and other forms of utility is as simply are not feasible to be placed overheads due to safety reasons. for the type of service, we are commonly finding ourselves working as a subcontractor for trades of service including when limited to Electrical contractors, Plumbing contractors and many more contractors that call on us to take care of all the Road Bore services that are simply not equipped to do it themselves.

We are here to take care of all your Road Bore utility needs. As utilities are most commonly placed Underground. the reason why they are placed underground is for protection from the weather and other outside factors. The largest company that we work with strictly off of girl sales is PSO which is a public service company for Oklahoma. we have worked with them for over 30 years on projects ranging from Simply Replacements to underground conversion projects. We are a trusted company and we have a long history of serving some of the telecommunication industries. we are a company that has been successful and completing projects. We are detailed and we make sure that every aspect of our project is done with quality and customer status vacation.

We are a company that is trusted by many customers. Having over 30 years of experience in your Road Bore construction and utility needs will be able to help you. You’ll notice how we pay attention to detail in every aspect of our workmanship. that’s on our competitors were with the same or similar types of equipment. we will both be able to place the utility to be installed below ground. they’ll be able to get the job done but what makes us stand out and make a difference to our customers is we provide you with customer satisfaction and we have a promise to each and every customer. with a commitment to reinvest in our business we have the top of the line equipment to make sure that we are on-site and ready to work as promised. we have a team that is able to keep our customers in the communication Loop during the start, during and even after our project is finished. As we pay attention to detail you’ll be able to notice that our workmanship is top of the line and we want to make sure that we leave a job site clean and flawless. we do what is necessary and and we make sure that what we do is with integrity and quality.

To speak with one of our team members today the schedule your Service you can speak with one of our friendly staff members by calling us today at 918-447-3350.For more information about the services that we provide and how we can be any competitor’s price by 15%, please join us at our website by visiting us at

Road Bore | Consistent And Reliable Service

Throughout our journey to grow our business, we are able to offer many Road Bore services. Through consistency and being reliable, we are offering the best services. We go ahead and Beyond expectations. our number one priority is safety and commitment and front and center in the areola Construction Division that our customers in the market have a unique value. we will give results based on production without sacrificing safety and quality. will be able to beat the competitor’s price by 15% while delivering quality and products that are built to last. will give you workmanship that you will be able to notice. as we will stand out from the rest of our competitor’s work.

Each and every project is approached uniquely and individually. we have the same level of detail and workmanship on each project. Based on years of knowledge and familiarity with the Tulsa Market before construction has even begun we are a team that moves the planning to Construction seamlessly. we’ll make this an easy process for our customers and we’ll be able to explain to them thoroughly with our team members who are experts and have years of experience.

Getting each project tackled individually and making sure that we are giving the best workmanship and quality of work we have a promise that we make to each and every customer. we are here to deliver quality and consistency and our workmanship. with quality products and workmanship that has not gone unnoticed. We are here to take care of your Road Bore projects. Efficiently and in a timely manner. We have a consistent and reliable service and we have been there maintaining and providing emergency call-out responses for Verizon, backbone fiber for Centurylink, and also responsible for building approximately 75% of Tulsa’s network.

Our customers will be able to work hand in hand with our customers throughout the construction and provide progress reports in a clear And Timely manner with transparency. we’ll be able to address any potential time-killing factors before they occur. and we’ll be able to work in a timely manner and stay ahead. our commitment to customers that is the vacation does not change when the work is complete. we follow up with each and every customer and every project that we have completed. For any of your Road Bore services, you will be making the right choice.

To have a trusted utility Construction Company that works with safety, delivers quality, and works with Integrity you can give us a call today at 918-447-3350. For more information about the services that we provide and what we can service you please go to our website by visiting us at