A road bore company with class and character, GEI Utility Construction is a utility excavation company that will meet and exceed your needs on a personal and professional level. We are the Gable family, and our family moved out here from Oregon in 1980 these are the same values provide our customers daily basis as we continue to be the excavation area. We have been an essential part of the Oklahoma community for the past 30+ years and have even had specific contracts with the Public service Company of Oklahoma because they know that we provide value and service that is second to none.

A road bore company that can provide this type of level to its customers is something that is essential for our success. We do horizontal directional drilling, which is a somewhat new inception of boring through the bottom of the earth and making sure that there are areas to go for our customers. We have been perfecting this practice since the early 90s and we now on some of the most state-of-the-art machines in order to complete your horizontal direction drilling needs. We contribute our success to the factors that are important to us. One of which is our employees. When our employees go above and beyond for our customers, we know that our customers are going to be satisfied with their knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail out in the field. Two, we understand that our equipment to be up-to-date and efficient. And three, education. We educate our employees and customers of the same level.

These types of words all directional drilling projects have led us into many of the most beautiful areas of Oklahoma. We have done boards that extend out into Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. A road bore company that can do this for you is not only necessary, but important. This is a service that we provide and it is a service that many companies are now looking for in a utility contractor, and we think that we have the experience, expertise and equipment to handle any project that you may have, no matter the shape or the size. So if you’re looking for someone to give you a service and quality is second to none, please call us at (918) 447-3350.

At GEI Utility Construction, competitors price by 15% when it comes to your utility needs. We service not only large companies are Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and centrally, but also do work for the homeowner as well. If you or someone looking to save money on your next home project, please give us a call. You do not have to use a recommender utility contractor provide to you, you can use a new contractor of your choice. We also help electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, fiber optic providers, rural water providers, and geo-mechanical contractors as well. If this is you and you are looking for a company to help achieve your vision, give us a call.

Call GEI Utility Construction at (918) 447-3350 or visit gei-usa.com today for your next excavation project and to see how we can help you achieve success in your business or home.

Road Bore

A road bore company is essential for your next project success. This is why we consider ourselves the go to company the greater Tulsa area if you would like to make it successful. At GEI Utility Construction we value our customers vision and their dedication to their projects as much as our own. This is why we think that we can help your next project and why we value we are the Gable our film the early 1980s. We are roadwork company, but also so, many of help, with prospects. You don’t have to be a large company for us to help you.

We understand the value of being a road bore company, with don’t get lost in all the details of making money. Yes, we need to keep the lights on, but we think that there are other values there more important than just making money. Some of these are character, integrity, and having a quality of life for employees and our customers. We also understand that in order to for everyone to achieve their personal level of happiness, they need a sense of personal development in their workplace that will allow them to grow as people. We are not just in the dirt digging around, but we are finding out what makes our customers to it, and how we can help our boys grow as people along the way.

Now that companies are finding new ways to achieve success, a road bore company is more essential than ever. There is a horizontal directional drilling process that has been around since the early 90s that we have help customers with four almost the entire time. From our first machine, to the new ones now. We know that having quality equipment helps get jobs done on time and efficiently. This is make sure that our equipment is up-to-date and new for you to implement when you choose us for your next project. We have done road boring projects in the greater Oklahoma area and boars have extended into Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. This means that we can fit any of your needs and our schedule.

We have three levels of success in our company, and at GEI Utility Construction, they are employees, equipment, and education. Our employees are essential to our success and that is not lost on us. We also make sure that we value dependability and competitiveness in our pricing scheme and our workers. We make sure that we show up on time when we say were going to be there. We also as we are a contractor for you this means that we will work for you and get the job done right and help you achieve your vision. As educators, we also may be able to help you see things that will help get your project done in a more efficient manner.

We think that we are the best excavation company around because of our nameā€¦ The Gable family. At GEI Utility Construction, we value integrity and character, so if you think that we are the right company for you, please call us at (918) 447-3350 or visit gei-usa.com today and see how we can help you in your next project.