Get informed with road for company Tulsa here we have the Gables difference and we thrive on integrity consistency honesty reliability and our construction service to maintain great relationships with not only our past clients but also our current clients. 918-447-3350 We are the ones to trust especially for all your excavating needs and directional drilling and aerial utility construction. Give us a call give us a shout see what we can do to answer all your questions as well as you have your computer reconstruction needs met and even exceeded.

This is now the time to go with road for company Tulsa and all the things that we offer versus the competition. If you want contractors that are actually doing the job in be able to do trench list drilling as well as aerial utility and even excavation underground and bicyclists go and this is why people trust us the most. That’s what makes us the most and highest reviewed all of Oklahoma. We are just because we actually will beat any competitor’s price by 50% as well as recent give you a quote free quote within 24 hours. If you want to learn more you can do so on a website by clicking more information about her services or by calling us directly to get a hold of one of our great numbers of our customer service team get all your questions answered.

One of the services we offer is utility excavation. Now this is the cornerstone of our business here and ague as a utility contractor have we been doing this from the very beginning so over the years have actually been adding services to really run out a resume. That excavation is in the singular focus since this company has been opened. Our underground utilities and do include water sewer geothermal gas dorm sewer and other forms of utilities that are just simply not feasible time to be placed overhead due to safety concerns weight or size and other variables. 918-447-3350

For utility excavation like the service we are in a commonly find ourselves working as a subcontractor for other treatment industries. And those are include electrical contractors plumbing contractors deal mechanical contractors rule water providers fiber optic telephone telecommute providers and other utility providers such as electric gas and cable. And we regularly work with homeowners and we actually have also had end-users seeking save money using contractor instead of a recommended utility contractor.

With road bore company Tulsa you are getting the expertise as well as the protection using our utility excavation. And there are other reasons to use us because you know especially with using utilities or in some sort of excavation it can be installed belowground and may be that there is a lack of overhead electrical infrastructure or protection from vehicles or man-made damages. So simple but the necessity for aerial construction is not a question. Choose us.

Road Bore Company Tulsa | Largest Customer Base Excavating Service

Road bore company Tulsa. 918-447-3350 We are the longest term and largest customer based strictly on gross sales with the Public service Company of Oklahoma. We have worked with them for over 30 years on projects ranging from simple electrical service replacements to complete neighborhood overhauls of the overhead to underground conversion projects. We are the most trusted for a reason and that is why we continually have the longest running contracts with customers across Oklahoma. We also have a long history of serving some of the telecommute to telecommunication giants.

Some of our clients include Verizon the century link level III Sprint and AT&T just to name a few. We had been very successful with our company and completing projects ranging from customer service drops to 50 miles and more to even doing multi million dollar plus long-distance fiber optic backbone projects. 918-447-3350 Road bore company Tulsa.

There’s a lot that goes into this business and we always want to make sure that with our company it sets itself apart from the competition by our attention to detail and our focus on quality and customer service every single time. And our client usually hires us and a competitor for you to underground utility construction we will both use the same or similar types of equipment and we will also place utility to be installed belowground. The difference between us and the other guy is that visits on the details. Here at GEI we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction while also following up or following through on her promise to each and every customer. We reinvest in our business and it’s evident with our late-model top-of-the-line vehicles equipment and tools. We ensure that we are will be on-site rated work as promised.

Road bore company Tulsa. 918-447-3350 We will follow through on everything that we say and it will be apparent with the first customer interaction to the post-work follow-ups and plus every step in between. Our attention to detail will Oxley always show our workmanship as well as especially make a parent be the way we leave the job site. The difference is that we as a that we it’s what we do it’s like how we do it. We have our own gable way.

918-447-3350 Also if you’re curious about our clients and maybe you would like to read testimonials for yourself to see what our clients are saying and you more the merrier you can find is on their website and just click the tab on the homepage call testimonials or you can rear Google reviews under Google business page. It’s really amazing what we been able to accomplish since the 1970s were still going strong we continue to grow and expand every single day.